The Latest UXPin Updates – Summer 2023

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We’re reviving our series at UXPin’s blog to inform you about new features, updates, and upcoming product releases. In this one, you’ll read about new ways of adding and styling links, using eye-dropper, and editing components’ props.

🔍 Access specs for grouped elements

Aside from inspecting components one by one, you can now get the specs for borders, radius, and CSS of grouped elements, including the ones that were added with Auto Layout

🔗 Enjoy a greater control over linking

Add a clickable link on a specific word, a string of words, or even a whole paragraph within one text box. Select the text you want to add a URL to or link it to any other page within the prototype.

That’s not all! Style the hyperlink to match your design system. Make your prototype hyperrealistic from now on. Try it now.

👁️ Smoother Eye-Dropper

Enjoy a faster and more intuitive Eye-Dropper. When picking colors, you can select an Eye-Dropper once and adjust the colors. No need to be constantly reselecting it. That’s one less step in designing.

🔢 Merge: Set up decimal places in number props

Hey, for those of you who use Merge tech, for coded components with number props, such as grid (flex), you can now add numbers with decimal places to make your prototypes even more accurate.

Learn more about UXPin Merge.

🖱️ Merge: Embed JSX code into a chosen element 

Create advanced Merge components faster. Select a Merge component and pass its JSX code into the node property of another element. This works on UXPin’s canvas and in the library and it will come in handy when building prototypes.

🫣 Merge: Hide nested components

Nesting components? If you want to hide components that are nested together, do that without the need of ungrouping them or removing them entirely. Add toggle interaction to hide layers in nested components.

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by UXPin on 10th August, 2023

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