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What’s New in January

Julia Haleniuk
By Julia Haleniuk on 4th February, 2019

We’ve definitely kicked off the new year with some great updates. As January has come to an end, we can sure tell that we’ve already taken a big step forward. This month was about two things: The UXPin Mirror app and Local Fonts in the UXPin Editor. To top it all off, our engineering team churned out other experience, stability and workflow improvements and fixes.

UXPin Mirror

Long-awaited, highly anticipated and finally released in January! This month brought to us the Mirror app that makes it a breeze to view designs on mobile devices in real time, both iOS and Android. Simply scan the QR code in the Editor, and that’s it! There is no need to connect via USB or use Wi-Fi. Any changes you make in the prototype will show on the device automatically. Get it on the App Store or Google Play.

UXPin Mirror mobile app

Local fonts

What’s also massive this month are Local Fonts. When you open UXPin, you will notice that apart from online libraries like Google Fonts or Adobe Fonts, every font installed on your computer is now available and ready for use in the desktop app. More about local fonts.

Local Fonts in UXPin

Brand new video tutorials

Another distinguishable update to UXPin are video tutorials available to watch right inside the Editor. You’ll find them in the right corner of the bottom bar. No more switching between the tool and the browser window to get the hang of UXPin and our most important features. We believe that this will add tremendous value to a better day-to-day learning experience. Of course, all tutorials are also available on our YouTube. Happy binge-watching!

UXPin tutorials

Scrubbing values

You can now scrub values by dragging labels in the Properties Panel. Hover over a label with a numeric value input and drag the cursor right and left to increase or decrease that value. Alternatively, in case there is no label, just click through the input and press Cmd/Ctrl. And if you drag with Shift, the value changes by 10px. On top of this, the cursor goes beyond the screen even if it reaches its end (desktop app and Google Chrome).

UXPin scrubbing values


  • All the recently used fonts appear at the top of the font section dropdown to speed up the workflow.
  • Improvements in positioning elements in nested States.
  • Different types of elements were placed in a different way on the canvas – some in the top left corner, some in the middle of it. From now on, all the elements land in the middle of the viewport.
  • The Mac OS X Traffic Lights are back inside the app’s UI in the desktop app.


  • Changing the name of the prototype while offline is blocked.
  • When trying to open a project while being logged into different account , the editor kept reloading with a spinner endlessly. Now users are taken to the dashboard.
  • Long names of projects not displaying entirely in the dashboard list view.
  • Scrolling through all interactions for cases with many interactions in the Copy Interaction section.
  • Every once in a while, adding a new line in a text element didn’t update the canvas size on the preview properly.
  • Moving multistate elements around in the dark theme caused both the background and font turn white.
  • Copying a part of code and pasting it into the code block section in the Design System separated each line into its own block, instead of keeping it together.
  • Occasional blank screen issues in the desktop app.
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