Web UI Design Patterns 2014

A Deeper Look At the Hottest Websites and Web Apps Today

The Essential Guide to Webdesign Patterns

For anyone who wants to design better websites and web apps

Do you find it hard to come to grips with UI design patterns? The subject is shrouded in mystery, which is ironic. Understanding webdesign patterns is fundamental to good website design. This guide demystifies design patterns and explains how to apply them to your projects. We have analyzed patterns and elements of some of the most popular web apps, including Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest, and a whole lot more. We have distilled the analysis into best practices that you can apply to your projects straightaway.

Learn how you can apply design patterns to navigation, content management, and user input of your webdesign projects. Find out how you can keep your UI clean while still giving users access to more content. See how the best brands use web design patterns to make UI more intuitive and keep users engaged for longer.

If you work with UI design in any capacity, this ebook will equip you to handle modern design challenges a lot more efficiently. And it’s free.

What the Web Design Patterns Guide Will Teach You

  • Chapter 1 [What are UI Design Patterns and How to Use Them] – A brief introduction to UI design patterns and how to think about them when solving design challenges
  • Chapter 2 [The Mobile, Web, and Desktop Convergence] – Designing for touchscreens? Need better advice for response design? We got you covered. Really practical advice that lets you build fantastic web apps that work across devices
  • Chapter 3 [Getting Input] – We take a look at Yelp, Facebook, AirBnB and others to see how they solve the various challenges of getting user input
  • Chapter 4 [Navigation] – Single-page web apps, recommendations, related content – we explore several navigation challenges in web design and how best to tackle them
  • Chapter 5 [Social] – How do you incorporate a social element – such as friend lists and activity feeds – in your web app, without cluttering the UI? Find the answers in his section of the webdesign patterns guide
  • Chapter 6 [Data and Content Management] – Keep users longer on your website by making it intuitive to access more content without crowding the screen. It is possible and we explain how
  • Chapter 7 [Beg, Borrow, and Steal – When Appropriate] – A list of useful resources that uncover latest design trends and give you deep design insights

Other Resources Related to Webdesign Patterns

Designing websites and web apps that work across devices can be a challenge. We keep uncovering new insights that solve UI challenges. And we are sharing all of that knowledge with you. Here is a list of additional resources that will definitely come in handy the next time you are stuck with a design problem.


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