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Out with Lorem Ipsum, In with Real Data

Marcin Treder
By Marcin Treder on 25th October, 2018

Data from our content bundles, JSON or Google Sheets

The right data, in the right place, in no time. Surprise! Now you can upload real data into your prototypes with our new Data feature. No more spending hours, even days, mocking up data for your designs. You’re welcome.

Boy, are we excited to share this one with you. You should know that this new feature was not originally on our product roadmap. One of our incredible engineers, Robert, took this on as a passion project and did this on his own time as a gift to UXPin. That’s the magic of our team.

Data allows you to fill an element with random data (avatar, name, phone number, etc.) or from JSON, CSV and Google Sheets with just one click. Either from a URL or from your computer. UXPin can automatically match all the fields based on the JSON, CSV or Google Sheet of choice. If you name your layers, it’ll automatically link that with the respective data. It’s truly that simple to use. Additionally, you can choose from many types of bundled content for random data. We’ve made sure to include a great deal of diversity for all the possible elements. We’ve also partnered with Unsplash so you can use their amazing free images directly in your prototype!


Inserting real copy into an App


This Data feature is the most complete version of this feature available on the market. The greatest value of the Data feature is that you can save an astounding amount of time. Now, you don’t need to spend what might seem like half your design career mocking up data. We’re especially looking at you, eCommerce sites and enterprises that use a lot of tables!

Whether you need mock addresses, credit card numbers, photos or job titles, you can have it all with Data. That too in seconds. The possibilities are endless.

Thanks, Robert!

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