Spec Mode

When it comes to implementing designs, collaboration with developers is vital — we know it and we're making it smooth. In UXPin, all information about your designs is in one place, the Spec mode. Thanks to that, the engineering team will always have access to a spec that's up to date and never have to ask about the latest version.

The Spec mode is like an open book to everyone involved in building a digital product. Designers can keep creating with a peaceful mind as engineers have constant access to any information they need to implement the project. Any changes to the design update what's the Spec mode immediately.

Inspecting Properties

The Spec mode lets you inspect the following properties:

  • General (size) – with all the information size where you can also switch between screen sizes.
  • Grid – with the number or columns, the column width, gutter and margin.
  • Colors – with colors from the design, complex gradients, and opacity. You can switch between HEX and RGBA color representations and copy their values. Colors with custom name in the Design System will be displayed with these names instead of their values.
  • Typography – with the font family, style, size, leading (line spacing) and alignment.

Apart from that, you can also copy the CSS code as well as download image assets from the Spec Mode.

Distance Measurement

The Spec Mode allows you to measure the distance between elements or between one element and the edge of the canvas. Hover over an element to see its distance to the canvas edge. If you click on it, it will show distances between other elements once hover over them.

Style Guide

A useful addition to our Spec Mode is the Style Guide. You can access it from the Top bar by clicking on the Style guide.

The Style guide is a clear summary with information about colors, typography, and assets with the possibility to download all assets at once.