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Accessible design made simple

Ever since the Internet has become a graphics-based phenomenon, accessibility of products or services has become an issue for those with poor vision or color blindness. With UXPin’s accessibility features, this isn’t your problem! Design for all users, both disabled and nondisabled.

Build designs that feel great for everyone

Create inclusive designs

Don’t let your design process oversee the needs of users with disabilities and exclude potential customers. Optimize your products and services for a specific user with specific needs in line with WCAG standards.

Reach people with disabilities

Design better products for all your users, including people who are blind, color blind, deaf or people with mobility impairments. Reach a wider audience by making your product accessible.

Make quality meet usability

Create projects that are high-quality but also usable to as many people as possible. Make your designs, products, services, or environments accessible down to the last detail.

Built-in contrast checker

The right contrast between the color of your text and its background ensures that the text is readable. Our built-in contrast checker evaluates this contrast against the WCAG standards on the fly.

Color blindness simulator

Simulate various forms of color-blindness and create more inclusive and accessible designs without any plugins or external tools.

We were looking for a tool that could replace our whole workflow. Low fidelity wireframing, high fidelity wireframing, prototypes, and then could be organized. UXPin really is the only tool that pulls everything together into one tool

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