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Design collaboration tool for teams

Use collaborative design software to stay connected to your team and ship products faster. Manage your design process from mockups to handoff in one online tool.

Bring your team together in the collaborative design platform

Keep everyone in the loop

Work efficiently with your entire team, stakeholders, and potential clients. Simply share a link and receive their feedback.

Improve your remote work

Have remote brainstorms and collect feedback in context thanks to comments, shared libraries, and interactive online prototypes.

Don’t worry about version control

Use an online design and prototyping editor to create projects from scratch or bring your Sketch files to life and keep everything in the cloud.

Work in the cloud

UXPin is a cloud-based design tool that works on any operating system and brings development and designers together, even if they use Mac and Windows separately. That’s because what’s created in the cloud, stays in the cloud.

Give and share feedback

Take collaboration to the next level with comments. Tag your teammates in comments to keep them in the loop when working together on the same prototype.

Collaborate in real-time

UXPin makes it easy for entire teams to work on the same design at the same time. While you make the final touches to your components, a writer on your team can start filling out the design with text.

It’s amazing that a couple of designers can jump into the same prototype. It’s been helpful to have a cloud-based tool where team members can view everything in a browser and we don’t have to rely on a server to find a project in a long list of folders.

Manage user roles

Make the most of your collaborative design process and invite your team, stakeholders, and reviewers to work with you. Set and control their permissions using User Management. Decide what they can do and see.

Share a single preview link

Validate ideas quickly and early on by sharing a single link to your design that’s always up to date. Let your team, stakeholders, or clients test and review your prototypes – leave no room for misunderstandings.

Keep things aligned with libraries

Use Team Libraries to save and access components, colors, and text styles that define your brand. Share them with your team to maintain design consistency across projects.

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