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Create best experiences for your clients with top-notch UX software

Verify user journeys easily in your all-in-one UX design tool. Never again worry about the agility and efficiency of your work thanks to built-in design elements, easy mockups, comments, and online user testing.

Build, share, and validate your UX designs online

Get insights early on

Easily build interactive designs with outstanding user experience and collect priveless data by observing how your end-users click through the designs.

Gather feedback online

Invite your team and stakeholders to collaborate on your projects. Share a link to your project and let them comment.

Ease the design process

Use UXPin as your all-in-one platform for consistency. Or import files from other design tools and use UXPIN to breathe life into them.

Share a single preview link

Share the results of your work using a single link that’s always up to date. You can password protect it if you need to. Let your team, stakeholders, or clients test and review your prototypes – leave no room for misunderstandings.

Kick-start your project

The powerful UXPin Editor is your all-in-one UX design platform that allows frictionless, rapid work. Unlock a completely new level of online design collaboration. In UXPin, not only do you make your work interactive – you bring it to life.

Work faster with built-in libraries

Short on time? You can have a prototype that looks and feels like the end product without even breaking a sweat. Use one of the ready-to-use libraries, from iOS and Material Design to Bootstra, and User Flows full of interactive elements, colors, text styles, and icons.

When you watch a user interact with your product, maybe they will do something you didn’t even imagine. With UXPin prototypes, I can basically give control to the user and let them click wherever they want. It’s much more realistic and the insights are better.

Create real inputs

In UXPin, you can create a life-like experience thanks to real inputs. The testing user can actually type in their data on the prototype when creating a new account or completing a purchase. The information will propagate onto the following screens.

Import from Sketch

Add some magic to your Sketch designs and share your work with a single link (no more endless versions of files). Bring your designs over to UXPin with simple drag and drop. Keep all your layers intact and pick up exactly where you left off to turn them into fully-interactive online prototypes.

Design consistency

Components really speed up your work and make your designs consistent! They save you plenty of time on otherwise repetitive, tedious work. Any change you make to the Master Component is automatically applied anywhere you have already used that Component.

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