44 Enterprise UX Resources Worth Bookmarking

Enterprise UX can feel overwhelming. These resources shorten the learning curve for designing business products and internal tools.

As we prepare for the free Enterprise UX Virtual Summit next month (20 speakers), let’s recap the most actionable resources.


Enterprise UX Trends

1. The Future of Enterprise UX (e-book)

Written by Asana’s Head of Design, this 47-page guide explores the principles and methods for modern enterprise design. Full of visual case studies from Intuit and Asana. 

2. The State of Enterprise UX (video)

Free webinar explores the state of the industry based on two years of data. Lou Rosenfeld, Dave Malouf, and Uday Gajendar explore trends observed in the annual Enterprise UX conference.

3. Is Dev Ops the Future of Design?

A quick look at the intersection of design and development in enterprises.

4. Scaling Design Thinking in the Enterprise 

A realistic exploration of how to survive the “trough of disillusionment” after introducing design thinking. 

5. Material Design for Enterprise Apps

Case study of refreshing enterprise software with Material Design principles. 

6. Making Sense of Enterprise UX (video)

John Maeda explores the history of future of enterprise UX. 

7. Everything Is About to Change: Software as Material (video)

Greg Petroff explains the new materiality of software and the opportunities for UX people to increase their impact.


Improving UX Process

8. Designing a Sustainable Enterprise UX Process (video)

Know how to design a long-term UX process based on a 4-year case study in an organization with 5000+ employees.

9. Lean UX in the Enterprise (video)

A step-by-step case study packed with best practices. Based on a government UX project.

10. UX for the Enterprise

Jordan Koschei explains how he’s adapted his workflow and methods for enterprise UX. 

11. 5 Reasons Why Working in the Enterprise Doesn’t Suck

Greg Damm explores the unexpected areas of opportunity for enterprise designers. 

12. 5 Ways to Adapt UX Thinking for the Enterprise

Know how to modify traditional UX methods for the realities of the enterprise.

13.The Agile UX Survival Guide (e-book)

Written by enterprise product manager Germaine Satia, this 40+ page guide is a crash course on Agile UX workflows. 

14. The Project Guide to Enterprise Product Design (e-book)

Distilled from hours of interviews with enterprise teams, this guide presents in-depth case studies from cloud solutions, mobile, government, and healthcare sectors.

15. How to Create an Enterprise UX Strategy

See the four steps to creating enterprise UX strategies. 

16. Why Enterprise Product Managers Should Choose MVE Over MVP

Know how to conduct a minimum viable experiment to maximize learning in the enterprise. 

17. The Wicked Craft of Enterprise UX

Uday Gajendar explains how the definition and practice of “craft” changes in the enterprise. 

18. Collaborative Design for Enterprise Teams (video)

Learn useful tactics based on Daniel Castro’s experience building and growing the UX discipline at Sumo Logic.

19. The 7 Biggest Enterprise UX Challenges (And Solutions)

See how experienced designers are overcoming the challenges of enterprise UX. 


Building Design Culture

20. Spreading Design Thinking in Organizations (video)

Based on her 5 years as a UX leader at Citrix, Julie Baher explains how to drive better product design through cultural transformation.

21. Evangelizing UX: How Design Leaders Get Buy-in 

Dave Malouf explores evangelizing tactics he’s found useful over his 20+ year UX career. 

22. Evangelizing UX Across an Entire Organization

An insightful roundtable discussion with 8 UX experts. 

23. Corporate UX Maturity Stages

A must-read for assessing how to introduce and spread design in an organization. 


Improving Usability

24. Enterprise UX and the Olive Garden

One of the most original and insightful articles on enterprise design principles. 

25. Eliminating UX Debt (e-book)

Written by Jack Moffett, see how to classify, spot, address, and avoid UX gaps.

26. B2B Product UX

Peter Zalman explores the differences in the content and scale of design work in B2B products vs. B2C products.

27. Getting Enterprise UX Mobile Right 

A unique perspective on mobile service design for the enterprise. 

28. How to Make an Intuitive Data Display

A crash course on UI principles for business intelligence products. 


Conducting User Research

29. Practical User Research for Enterprise UX (e-book)

Written by Rian van der Merwe, this 40-page guide explains how to get buy-in, conduct, and document user research in the enterprise. 

30. Persona Misconceptions

See how to adapt this common UX deliverable for enterprise use. 

31. Enterprise User Research 

Know the most efficient methods of user research in the enterprise. 


Design Systems

32. Creating a Design System: A Practitioner Case Study (video)

Step-by-step case study of creating an internal design system presented by Marcin Treder, cofounder of UXPin.

33. Creating and Scaling Enterprise Design Systems (video)

A case study on improving UX consistency and efficiency at Bottomline Technologies. 

34. Styleguides.io

A master collection of pattern libraries and design systems from around the world. 

35. Building a Visual Language

A sneak peek inside Airbnb’s design system team and processes. 

36. Promoting a Design System Across Your Product

Nathan Curtis explains best practices for creating and adopting design systems. 

37. The Salesforce Team Model for Scaling a Design System

 See how Salesforce creates and maintains their robust Lightning Design System. 

38. Beyond the Toolkit: Spreading a System Across People and Product (video)

Know how to implement a design system that allows teams to improve creativity, efficiency, and collaboration.

39. Object-Oriented UX 

See how to create a component-based design system. Based on the case study of designing CNN’s election night user experience. 

40. The Language of Modular Design 

A step-by-step guide for creating a Lego-like design system. 

41. Design Ops at Airbnb 

An inside look at how the Airbnb DesignOps team manages design at scale. 

42. Scaling UX in Organizations (video)

Free webinar that explains a 4-step framework for scaling UX. Based on the experience of Airbnb Design Director Jason Culbertson. 

43. GE’s Predix Design System

A case study exploring how GE created a design system with Atomic Design. 

44. Creating a Living Style Guide: A Case Study 

A detailed look at how FamilySearch documents styles and patterns and synchronizes UX with development. 


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