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Free UX Process and Documentation Kit

Jerry Cao
By Jerry Cao on 4th January, 2017

Standardizing a UX process is no easy task.

First, you need to identify activities that drive the most insights across disciplines. Then you need to find or create the necessary templates and start tweaking to fit your team.

Our free UX Process and Documentation Kit saves time by templatizing UX activities required for successful products. Based on 7 years of experimenting, the kit focuses on five steps in the lean UX process:

1. Lean Personas


2. UX Competitive Analysis

Separated into three sections for a complete analysis:

  • Features
  • Value
  • UX Heuristics


3. User Interviews

Includes four sections to cover the whole process:

  • Scheduling user interviews
  • 62 questions for user interviews
  • Documenting results for multiple interviewees
  • Top 14 resources for improving user interviews


4. UX Strategy

Created by renowned UX consultant and author Robert Hoekman Jr., this lean 1-pager aligns your team on the purpose, design language, and intended outcomes for your product.


5. Usability Testing

Includes five separate templates for comprehensive testing:

  • Permission to record
  • Usability testing checklist
  • Usability testing script
  • Usability testing notes
  • Usability testing report summary

All templates are ready to download for customizing. Hope this helps your process!

Download kit now

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