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Prototype Showcase – your new source of design inspiration

By Katarzyna Kempa on 30th July, 2019

Working in the creative design industry, you need a constant flow. Styling a button, redesigning a whole UI, choosing just the right assets, or perfecting your transitions – up-to-date with current design trends, obviously. And all that with everybody (ok, not everybody, but project managers and developers for sure) breathing down your neck.

High five if you’re bursting the creative energy every day and prototype after prototype comes out of your hands unhindered. But let’s be honest, we all sometimes come across a creative block or need a little nudge, or at least have to manage our creativity levels skillfully not to burn out. Or maybe what we need is some praise for the beautiful things we’ve accomplished. Yup, a little vanity fair never killed nobody.

A good practice is to observe the industry and showcase your work to the public eye. See what others are up to, what they did, how they did it, and what design tools they used.

And if you are happy with your work, why not join fellow designers in sharing your accomplishments to get recognized in the community? A little pat on the back – a next step towards becoming a design star. This is the way to develop your skills, build a design portfolio and personal brand.

Introducing Prototype Showcase

Keeping this big idea in mind, we’ve decided to put together space for talented designers to show off their designs. And this is it. We are beyond excited to share with you our curated online design gallery:

What you can find there, are prototypes with sleek UI and butter-smooth animations. Music apps, mobile e-commerce, and game prototypes – all gathered in one place to which you can add anytime.

What makes Prototype Showcase different than other online design galleries?

As a wise man said, a good example says more than a thousand words. Or something in that tone. The thing is, if you use UXPin or are deciding to use it, you can see the real-life examples of what our tool is shaped for. Discover what a talented designer is capable of when properly equipped. We are absolutely humbled by the fact that all the beautiful prototype examples displayed in our gallery were #madeinuxpin.

Every week we will pick the Designer of the Week who’d presented the most impressive project. And from those, each month we will select the Designer of the Month. These titles go with special prizes, too! We will keep you posted on the most inspiring prototypes.

So here’s what you will find inside the Prototype Showcase:

  • Hand-picked examples of advanced prototypes,
  • Your very own space to promote your portfolio,
  • That spark of inspiration when needed.

After all, we’re all here to thrive together, help each other, and most of all – inspire. So make sure to submit your design and showcase what you are proud of (no shame in that)!

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