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UXPin Changelog 2017: Week 01

Chris Stryjewski
Chris Stryjewski

The UXPin changelog is your weekly source of product updates and sneak peeks for upcoming releases.

In the first week of 2017, I’d like to share three highlights with you from the product team:
1. Typography: Lists & Case styling
2. Sketch integration: Improvements to the latest plugin version
3. Fixes

1. Typography – more customization and efficiency

Quite a popular request in 2016, List Styling helps you to create more advanced text content. You can now build indented lists with different hierarchies by combining numbers and bullet points (like below).


Case Styling speeds up modifications to your text. You can change the case of any text field with just one click – a huge help when it comes to longer content.

To learn more about recent typography improvements in UXPin, check out these updates:
Visit this page for Typekit, Google Fonts integrations overview.
Visit our Community for Font Management detailed walkthrough.

2. Sketch integration – new, faster, plugin

We have completely reworked how Sketch files upload into the UXPin few weeks ago. You can read more about the direct sync option here, but the bottom line is that we’ve improved the sync even further and now it can be up to 10x faster.

As you can see, complex projects will benefit most from faster upload, but even low and mid fidelity designs will be uploaded faster.

3. Fixes

✓ Select / Move.
While clicking on the element somewhere near the edge of this particular element, the element was moved by 1 px. Right now it’s not.

✓ Position Indicator.
The indicator was disappearing /blinking when user was moving or changing the size of the element.

Next week’s updates:

1.  New icons – An update to Font Awesome v4.7 with over 550 new icons.
2. Math operations
– design is easier when it’s precise.
3. Biggest UX online conference in 2017 you can attend for free. If you enjoyed any of our previous webinar masterclasses, you won’t want to miss out.

Stay tuned!

Chris Stryjewski

by Chris Stryjewski

Chris is a Product Marketing Manager with a background in design and typography. He has been an instructor at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he taught his students about design theory and design software. In his free time, he enjoys working on his board game project. You can follow him at

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