Top 10 Good Website Designs

Top 10 good website designs

Good website design must accomplish many functions—it’s an advertisement, but it’s also a tool. A website sells products and services, but it’s also a tool to acquire customers and educate users.

All of these examples provide a service to the user, so a good website starts with a user-centered design.

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What is Good Website Design?

Good web design starts with two questions, “what is this website for?” and “who is this website for?”

Understanding the who and the what will enable you to design a website that best serves the user.

For a website to stand out, designers must use creativity but not at the expense of usability and utility. There’s a fine line between form and function. You want to impress visitors, but your web design must allow users to navigate to their end goal easily.

How Good Website Design Delivers Results

Good web design must perform across multiple metrics, including conversion rates (sales, email signups, etc.) and SEO.

And, to make things even more challenging, you have 15 seconds to grab the user’s attention and steer them towards a conversion. According to Crazy Egg, an industry-leading analytics tool, 15 seconds is the average time spent on a website.

Whether you’ve invested in content (SEO) or paid ads, you must ensure you optimize your web design for conversions. You must grab the user’s attention immediately and provide directions to solve their problem fast. And, you gotta look good doing it!

Designers must also consider responsive design and how a website will look and perform across multiple devices and screen sizes. 

10 Best Website Designs for 2021

We scoured the internet to find our 10 best website designs for 2021. We looked at how designers used visual assets, color palettes, and typography to deliver a strong user experience while exercising creativity and maintaining brand identity. 

We also considered each website’s call to actions (CTAs) and how the web design might inspire users to take action.

Fipadoc – France

Fipadoc is an international film festival in Biarritz, France. The website features a unique design with extra-large sans-serif headings to draw the user’s attention to take action.

Designers use smaller sans-serif typography for less important CTAs, but use a small rectangle to the right of the text to indicate a link. There are no buttons on the Fipadoc website, providing a clean aesthetic while elegant animations enhance the user experience.

The Fipadoc website features a black and white color palette with full-color images and video to create an engaging and immersive user experience—the perfect web design for a documentary website!

Spotify Design – Sweden

The Spotify Design website is an absolute gem to explore if you’re into art and pop culture! The vibrant colors and abstract shapes create excitement and intrigue that’s irresistible to explore.

The Spotify Design website is a window into Shopify’s global design team and how they create the streaming platform’s visuals and user interfaces.

The web design is clean with bold san-serif typography and large headings for CTAs. Spotify Design uses animations when loading a page or highlighting CTAs, like the eye-catching footer email signup. Every element and animation has a clear intent serving to guide the user through the website.

Slate Milk – United States

Slate Milk is a lactose-free, protein-rich chocolate milk brand. Their e-commerce website is a wonderful example of on-brand web design. 

Designers have captured Slate Milk’s brand image perfectly with color, custom animated icons, and bold typography. The website uses animations intelligently to draw the user’s attention to the product’s benefits.

Slate Milk’s product pages closely resemble the product itself, elevating the brand and making the website appear more professional. This professional aesthetic also helps establish trust with the user, which ultimately benefits conversion rates.

HALEYS – United States

HALEYS is a female-founded cruelty-free beauty brand from the United States. The website’s home page has an immersive scrolling effect taking the user on a journey through the brand and the product. Designers use a clever hero image where the model’s eyes steer the user to the “Shop Now” CTA.

The website’s color palette features earth tones to complement the brand’s cruelty-free, wholesome image. An elegant, custom icon set helps strengthen this brand image. The typography matches the product beautifully—a bold san-serif font with serif accents for product names.

HALEYS also does a fantastic job of using high-quality products and lifestyle images. Using a diverse mix of models, HALEYS demonstrates that the brand is fully inclusive with a product for every skin tone.

Wisr – Australia

Wisr is an Australian financial service company. In a highly competitive market, Wisr has intelligently used web design to separate itself from the competition.

The Wisr home page is one of the most innovative website designs we’ve seen, where users follow an animation as they scroll down, reading snippets of the company’s product offerings with relevant CTAs. It’s a truly immersive experience that instantly envokes interest and trust in the brand.

Even though Wisr uses several vibrant colors, the navy blue CTAs always stand out. The menu’s full-screen overlay allows the user to focus on the navigation and find precisely what they’re looking for. A light san-serif typeface helps deliver clear messaging and instructions to the user.

The unique page transitions and interesting scrolling effects provide interest and excitement, something you wouldn’t usually say about personal finance!

Krave Jerky – United States

Krave Jerky‘s website design captures the brand’s fun, energetic spirit wonderfully. The bright colors and prominent CTA’s help steer users toward checkout in an entertaining, interactive flow.

The large plus icons and vibrant hover effects for products on the shop page encourage users to add multiple mouth-watering flavors to the cart. The bright colors complement each product’s packaging, strengthening the brand experience.

Most of the website features a san-serif font with a custom typeface for product names or brand name. Custom bulky icons help give the web design professionalism and originality.

Singita – South Africa

Singita is a luxury resort group dedicated to “sustainability, environmentally conscious hospitality and the empowerment of local communities.”

The website’s earthy color palette and a mix of light san-serif for the copy with elegant serif headings complement the brand’s image. The home page features a soft scroll effect with HD images and video to tell the brand’s story and what guests can expect from a Singita African safari experience.

The website uses an off-white background with dark text using the brand’s light brown color for CTAs. As you scroll, a booking form appears, encouraging the user to explore and book one of Singita’s many African safari destinations.

Everything about the Singita website design exudes premium luxury, which closely aligns with the brand’s high-quality visuals and exquisitely furnished properties.

Au Club Alpin – Switzerland

Au Club Alpin is a Swiss resort with stunning Alpine scenery and luxury heavy wood accommodations. Designers have done a fantastic job capturing the resort’s atmosphere above the fold with short video clips and a prominent call to action to book a stay.

The Au Club Alpin web design uses black and white with slate grey accents, mimicking the resort’s minimalist luxury aesthetic. At the same time, custom icons enclosed in large boxes showcase Au Club Alpin’s activities and facilities.

The website uses beautiful pictures and videos with a vintage filter to support the brand’s rugged luxury aesthetic.

Superlist – United Kingdom

Superlist is a UK productivity startup “building the productivity tool of the future.” The futuristic loading sequence and website design with mouse tracking effects and scrolling animations help confirm the brand’s innovation statement.

The website features a blend of black-on-white and white-on-black with orange accents to attract users to important information and CTAs. Superlist’s minimalist sans-serif typeface complements the brand while delivering a clean, professional aesthetic.

Sneak in Peace – United Kingdom

Sneak in Peace is a premium sneaker merchant in the United Kingdom where customers can find the latest (and unreleased) sneakers. 

The clean and elegant home page shows a featured product with an attractive video sequence above the fold along with CTAs to men’s and woman’s sneakers. A sleek serif typeface establishes Sneak in Peace as a premium sneaker brand.

Immediately below are more featured collections, including “Upcoming Launches” to get the user shopping as quickly as possible. 

The clean layout and original product photography help establish Sneak in Peace as a premium, trustworthy brand. Clicking on any product opens a slide-in with the product’s details and more images. 

Sneak in Peace uses a black and white website design with the only color coming from the high-quality product images—effectively drawing the customer’s attention to the website’s premium offerings.

Final Thoughts on Good Website Design

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UXPin also allows designers to set up Key Press, Scroll, Page Load, and many more interactions to visualize how the final website will perform.

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