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UXPin Changelog August 2017 #5

By UXPin on 4th August, 2017

The changelog is our weekly post series on all changes and improvements and fixes we released last week.

Design Systems

    • Ability to edit Design System Libraries items from the Design Systems documentation:
      – add or remove a color or an asset or change its name
      – change the category name
    • Ability to simulate interactions for UI Patterns in the Design Systems documentation.

Design System Libraries (Sketch plugin v4.4)

    • Ability to change the order of the items in Design System Libraries.
  • [fixed] Newly added Libraries are by default visible on the list.
  • [fixed] Optimized assets size in the Design System Libraries.
  • [fixed] Symbols added to the Design System Libraries will be stored with their shared styles.


  • Symbols lock improvements: lock dimensions of a symbol/group are ignored during resizing.
  • [fixed] Symbols are shown in search results in the Editor.

Security (Enterprise only)

Enforcing password to Prototypes Preview: only account owner can turn this feature on/off. Now the account owner can generate passwords for all prototypes, new and already created.

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