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The changelog is our weekly post series on all changes, improvements, and fixes we released past week.

Design Systems

  • Ability to edit Design System Libraries items from the Design Systems documentation:
    – add or remove a color or an asset or change its name
    – change the category name


  • Ability to simulate interactions for UI Patterns in the Design Systems documentation.

Design System Libraries (Sketch plugin v4.4)

  • Ability to change the order of the items in Design System Libraries.

  • [fixed] Newly added Libraries are by default visible on the list.
  • [fixed] Optimized assets size in the Design System Libraries.
  • [fixed] Symbols added to the Design System Libraries will be stored with their shared styles.


  • Symbols lock improvements: lock dimensions of a symbol/group are ignored during resizing.
  • [fixed] Symbols are shown in search results in the Editor.

Security (Enterprise only)

Enforcing password to Prototypes Preview: only account owner can turn this feature on/off. Now the account owner can generate passwords for all prototypes, new and already created.

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by Daniel

Daniel Aduszkiewicz is VP Projects at UXPin, a product design platform. Since joining UXPin in 2013, he has helped build and lead project, customer support and product marketing teams in the Poland and Silicon Valley office. Previously, he worked on projects for major media corporations in Central and Eastern Europe. He holds an M.A. in Psychology (Business and Management) and B.A. in Philosophy. Follow him on Twitter.

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