We’ve open sourced the Merge CLI


The release of the recently announced UXPin Merge introduces a new era for UXPin: we’re not just for designers anymore. Merge allows frontend devs to push live, working React components to UXPin. This ensures designers are prototyping with real, up-to-date components and reduces friction in the design/dev handoff.

How do developers test components locally and push their design system components to UXPin?

The Merge CLI, of course! Today we’re happy to announce that our CLI has been open sourced on GitHub. If you’re a developer using Merge, you’ll get the same open source flow you’ve come to expect: submit issues, be notified of updates, and submit PRs (if you are so inclined). We’re committed to providing the best flow for both designers and devs and believe open source is a big part of the dev experience.

If you’ve been following open source software companies, you’re probably aware that licensing has become more restrictive. We’ve tried to make our licensing for the CLI as open as possible. Our CLI is released under the GPL v3 License. It means you’re free to make changes as long as they are shared (just do a GitHub fork). We’re making a significant investment in Merge and want to move the design/dev handoff forward. We think the GPL v3 accomplishes that broader goal.

If you have questions about the Merge CLI, don’t hesitate to email us at support@uxpin.com.

UXPin Merge allows you to design with React components to achieve full consistency with the final product.

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