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Changelog: What’s New in February | UXPin

Julia Haleniuk
By Julia Haleniuk on 6th March, 2019

The last day of February was the day we had marked in our calendars months in advance. Because that day we reached another milestone — UXPin Merge entered its beta phase! Apart from that, this month we’ve really gone the extra mile and brought to you numerous enhancements and fixes.

UXPin Merge closed beta

Last week, we bid adieu to the UXPin Merge alpha and moved on to the closed UXPin Merge beta! As we’re getting for the release, we’re testing Merge with some great companies — so if you’re up to it, join now! Invite your team to import, keep in sync and use your coded React.js components in UXPin to see your designs the way your users will.


You can now set corner radius and image fill to Pen tool shapes.

We’ve also listened to your feedback and here it is — you can now unpin design system libraries and the layers panel from the left side of the UXPin Editor, position them anywhere on the screen or pin to its right side. It’s also possible to change the width and height of panels by dragging one of their corners.


  • Selecting elements on the canvas scrolls the Layers panel to the top element in the panel.
  • Visual improvements in the Typography section.
  • Panning (space + drag) the canvas and switching between pages in large projects work better.
  • Element position and size update automatically in the Properties panel.
  • More noticeable information that you’re working offline.
  • Image fills for elements such as rectangle, oval, button, input, and text area now load faster on Preview.


  • White screen on the dashboard when logging into another account in a different browser tab.
  • The issue with using pictures from Unsplash in States.
  • The possibility to change corner radius for the circle if selected with a group of elements.
  • Switching States in nested Symbols moved the element down on the canvas.
  • Editing a batch of text elements was impossible after setting a property in the typography section
  • The issue with displaying elements in a fixed position on Preview [Firefox].
  • The issue with sorting interactions added inside a symbol that targets an element outside the symbol.
  • Layers panel scrolled unnecessarily after clicking on the state switcher.

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