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Customizable elements

Ben Gremillion
By Ben Gremillion on 1st July, 2016

With more than 1,000 elements and pre-built components, UXPin has many parts to help you design websites and apps.

Certain elements have custom elements to extend their appearance or functionality. You can find their specific controls in the Custom panel located in the bottom right corner of the editor. These customizable elements are:


  • Arrow: Change its curve (or lack of), size (thickness), and endpoint arrows.
  • Horizontal Scroller: Change the position of its scroll indicator.
  • Icon (all of them): Change its size and which symbol it contains.
  • Image: Upload images, crop, and adjust properties like hue, saturation, vibrance, and blur.
  • Line: Alter its weight (thickness), orientation, and solidity (solid, dotted, or dashed).
  • Link List: Change individual links’ text, add/remove links, and hyperlink them to different pages.
  • Navigation: Add/remove links and sub-links, control its color, orientation and line weight (if any).
  • Shape: Change between rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, and more.
  • Table: Change the number of rows and columns. Also change the colors of individual cells.
  • Text: Has its own typography panel.
  • Tooltip: Change on which side the arrow is anchored.
  • Vertical Scroller: Change the position of its scroll indicator.
  • Video: Embed YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox media.


  • Button/ghost button: Add/remove a shadow, alter if it’s active, pushed, or disabled.
  • Checkbox: Place the checkbox on the left or right of the text, whether or not it’s checked by default, or completely disabled.
  • Input/password: Change its shadow location, indicate whether or not it’s disabled, and change it between plain text and an obscured password field.
  • Multiselect: Add/remove options, and add interactions depending on which option is clicked.
  • Radio button: Check it, disable it, and assign it to a group of radio buttons.
  • Select list: Add/remove options, and add interactions depending on which option is clicked.
  • Textarea: Add/remove a shadow, and make it disabled.


  • “Arrows”
  • “Bar”
  • “Bert”
  • “Big Roller”
  • “Indicator”
  • “Squares Circle”
  • “Waiter”
  • “Wheel Throbber”

Search for these elements by name to use them in your design work.

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