Bootstrap UI Kit in UXPin

Designing with Bootstrap?

| Use the free Bootstrap kit built straight into a design tool. Utilize ready-made components with integrated interactions. Easily style and build your templates.

Start using in UXPin now Available on Windows, Mac, and in a browser.

Bootstrap your prototype

| Bootstrap is a powerful toolkit allowing you to build responsive, mobile-first projects. UXPin allows you to utilize Bootstrap components to create life-like prototypes. Export stylesheets in popular formats to ease the development of your projects.

Design UI and prototype

Your free Bootstrap UI Design Library

| Start designing with a complete list of bootstrap elements. Drag and drop components onto your canvas and prototype with responsiveness.

Interactive, resizable components

| Bootstrap components that are easy to resize and adjust for specific screen sizes. All elements – carousels, buttons, jumbotrons, dropdowns, and more – come as symbols with fully editable layers that you can adapt to your project.

Easily define themes and styles

| UXPin offers a complete library of Bootstrap elements that you can style any way you want. Create design systems for each project to easily style prototypes – including color schemes, element design, typography, and more.


Work within a responsive grid system

| UXPin allows you to choose any canvas size, design with specific devices and viewports in mind. Features like the responsive grid system or zoom help you maintain consistency and focus on details within Bootstrap's column layout.


Export stylesheets

| Once your project is ready, UXPin lets you export stylesheets for different components and elements in popular formats like CSS and JSON. Speed up the process of creating the real thing.


Create your Bootstrap websites in UXPin

Design for the web with a free built-in Bootstrap UI Kit.

Start using in UXPin now Available on Windows, Mac, and in a browser.