10 Useful UI/UX Design Articles for UX Practitioners

10 Useful UI Design Articles

Check out these 10 useful UI/UX articles on interface design as picked by our design team. Learn more about the latest news from the design world, mistakes to avoid, and all the best practices that you should keep up with.  


1. Zero UI: The End of Screen-based Interfaces and What It Means for Businesses (Inkbot Design)

Zero UI is a style that’s been looming in the shadow for some time but is really starting to emerge now. The idea is easy to understand — the less the user has to think about the interface, the better and more natural it feels. This article explains the specifics, and how this style is changing everything.

2. Why User Experience is Vital for Quality SEO (Entrepreneur Magazine)

UX articles don’t cover the SEO side of things as often as they should, but this article on Entrepreneur shows why UX and UI design is so important. SEO and UX go together when creating any type of content since no one will share something that just feels awkward.

3. UX Writing and UX Design: How to Bring Them Together (UXPin Blog)

Most designs start out with either the writer creating the content or the UX framework. It’s only later that the two come together and they need to make sense and enhance each other for the ultimate user experience. This article from our very own blog shares just how to mesh these two integral parts of UX designs in a way that will enhance the final experience.

4. Why UX Design is an Important Consideration (Business Matters)

Why is user design so important? This article by Business Matters is short and to the point. If you’re still not sure why you should be paying so much attention to UX, this is a must-read.

5. UX/UI Design Trends That Will Dominate 2021 (Ideamotive)

It’s essential to keep up on the latest trends in UX design and this is one of the best UX articles for that. You’ll learn what is hot this year and where you should focus your efforts on design. With technology improving constantly, there’s no reason not to lead the pack.

6. The 5 Biggest UX Mistakes Turning Your Users Off (Jeff Bullas)

In addition to staying on top of trends, it’s a good idea to know what the most common mistakes are in UX design. Irina Linnik lays out the top mistakes designers make when it comes to user experience, so you can avoid them.

7. White Space in UX Design (Medium)

An article all about how fulfilling nothing can be. This piece explains how negative space (white space) can increase comprehension and readability, and also influence the visual hierarchy of a screen.

8. Eye-Opening Examples of Good & Bad UX Design (Adobe)

Need to see some actual examples of UX designs that absolutely rock it? Matt Rae has put together this incredible article that shares both good and bad UX designs. Use it to compare your own designs and give them a boost.

9. The Stages of UX Design Process (UXPin Blog)

Good UX articles provide you with education and information that you can actually use. This one is no exception, sharing the very detailed process of UX design, step by step.

10. 8 Psychology-Based Design Hacks That Will Make You a Better UX Designer (Usability Geek)

Chintan Bhatt takes you on a unique journey through the world of psychology when it comes to UX design. It’s a lot more mentality-based than you might expect.


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