Benefits of Using a Random Name Generator

For a lot of people, random name generators provide a fun, easy way to come up with inventive names. You might use them to name a business, pet, or just to have fun. When it comes to developing products like websites and apps, though, you can get several benefits from using a random name generator. Learn about these six random name generator benefits to help you decide whether you want to have a free tool generate names for you.

No one likes Lorem ipsum

Lorem ipsum used to fill an essential role. With modern design software, though, you don’t need it. As fewer and fewer designers rely on Lorem ipsum, more managers and clients expect to see more realistic text in prototypes. It looks much more professional to use a random name generator than insert Lorem ipsum into text fields.

Basically, no one really likes Lorem ipsum. One of the random name generator benefits is that you can avoid annoying your bosses and clients.

Lorem ipsum can lead to embarrassing mistakes

Traditionally, designers have used Lorem ipsum to fill space where they expect to place text. Lorem ipsum can create a lot of problems, though. Some designers forget to replace the fake language with real text from their copywriters, which creates embarrassing situations for brands.

A random name generator lets you replace Lorem ipsum with real text. Consumers might scratch their heads in bewilderment when they see a random name like “Ellie-May Derrick” on a package, but at least they won’t know the designer completely forgot to do a part of their job.

You can use real names to test interactive features

Interactive features have become standard for today’s websites and apps. Interactive features like popups and content gates make it possible for companies to generate leads that increase sales and ad revenues.

You don’t want to send prototypes to clients until you have tested all of your product’s interactive components. Often, that means making sure fields can accept, predict, and sort text.

UXPin and a random name generator benefits your prototype by letting you test the functionality of your interactive features. UXPin’s prototypes can replicate practically any feature that you plan to include in your final product. You can create sortable tables that let users rearrange content by clicking their headings. Without a random name generator, you either need to spend time writing names or use strings of nonsense. 

Either way, you get a more efficient, trustworthy test by using randomly generated names.

Add novelty to your prototypes

Think about how many times your managers and clients review products before releasing them to consumers. After weeks or months of work, testing products can feel like a difficult chore. One of the benefits is that you get to add novelty to your prototypes during the testing phase.

Many online random name generators have different categories that you can choose. As a client, would you rather review products that use names you’ve seen a million times (William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway, etc.)? Or would you rather see new names that make you giggle?

At the end of a long week, you would probably appreciate the laugh.

When you ask a random name generator to give you pirate names, you get results like:

  • Cap’n Scrawny
  • Sean Bones
  • Barry De Wales
  • Curvy Barry
  • Cutthroat Cosma the Sympathetic

Wouldn’t you rather see some new names instead of the ones that have bored you over and over for years?

Save your creativity for work that matters

You might think that you can get better results by writing your own names. That’s probably true. With some effort, you can think of funnier or more insightful names than the ones generated at random. You don’t see comedians standing on stages reading from Mad Libs templates. The jokes would get old very fast.

As a designer or project developer, though, it doesn’t make sense for you to waste your creativity on something as minor as fake names that act as placeholders for future content.

Every decision that you make during the day can literally lower your level of willpower to accomplish other tasks. Psychologists call it “ego depletion.” Not everyone succumbs to ego depletion as quickly as others. Some creative people seem like they can keep coming up with witty ideas forever. More likely than not, though, using your energy to write fake names doesn’t make sense. If nothing else, you have better ways to use your time.

Random name generators don’t need your help

Most random name generators will only create a handful of names at a time. You fill in a few variables (where you live, a pet’s name, etc.), and the generator uses the provided information to spit out a short list of names.

Not all random name generators work that way. Fake Name Generator lets you order up to 100,000 fake names at a time. The more you require, the longer it takes the website to fulfill your order. You don’t have to pay attention to it, though. The website will work in the background while you do other things.

Random name generators don’t need your help, so don’t expand your energy and time making up names.

Use real data or a built-in generator

Make your design process easier by taking advantage of the UXPin feature that allows you to generate and fill an element with the type of data that you choose like name, address, business, date, etc. If you already have a file with real data that you would like to include in your prototype, just import it from your Google Sheets, CSV, or JSON files.

All with just one click, so it’s time-efficient and makes your prototype much more reliable by getting rid of lorem ipsum. What’s more, it’s all built-in, so there’s no need to search for additional tools that can help you both importing and generating exemplary data. 


UXPin gives you the tools that you need to create fully functional prototypes that work with generated data. You don’t have to use nonsense anymore. Make your projects more impressive with interactive features that show off your creativity and expertise. Try UXPin by signing up for a free, 14-day trial. Whether you use a random name generator or not, you will love the prototyping features that come with UXPin.

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