7 Best Reasons To Use React.js Components In Your Project

7 Best Reasons To Use React.js Components In Your Project

React.js is a library of Javascript components that can be used with UXPin to create your projects faster and easier. Especially with UXPin Merge, you could create your design with all the interactions generated from production code. In short – what’s possible in React will be possible in your design. The many React benefits make this a popular option with product designers and anyone interested in creating their own page or app.

Designed in 2013 by Facebook, React.js allows you to build a mobile app or a simple web page. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity, though, the library is full of powerful options that speed up the design process. With the components available, you can create apps that instantly update as new information or data is collected.

1. Instant updates without page reloads.

Perhaps the biggest of all React benefits is the ability to update individual elements on your web page or app without the need to reload the entire page. You can see this in action on Facebook, when people click like or write a comment that appears immediately. There’s no need for excessive loading and this feature makes it possible to update information as it comes in.

2. Use conditional statements within the JSX.

JSX is a Javascript extension to make React.js components more efficient. You can use it to create a single file for both markup and logic, eliminating the need to work on multiple files. JSX allows you to easily create conditional statements to improve your design and the functionality of the app. In fact, you can blend HTML and JSX together to give you exactly the result you desire.

JSX is also much faster than Javascript, so you can get your project done faster. You’ll find it quite simple to build your own templates.

3. Reuse the same components.

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As you design your mobile app, you can use the same assets. React originally did not reuse code components, which meant a lot of time was wasted. However, that option is now available and you can speed things up even more by using the same code or assets and then adjusting to your needs.

4. Update just one component.

Every React.js component acts separately, so you can change one section of the app without needing to update everything. This also means you can use the same component in each area of the app and change the individual pieces. There’s less to update, so it makes the entire process far more efficient.

If there is an error or an update that you need to make to the app, you can do this easily. In many apps or programs, updates are difficult because of the complex nature of the code. A simple change in one area can end up causing issues throughout the entire app. However, with React.js components, you can make quick adjustments anywhere you like without worry.

5. The code is nice and stable.

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As opposed to many other options, React.js offers a stable code. This is done by using a downward data flow. It’s actually how the code protects the parent structure from changes in the child structure.

If you’ve previously had problems with unstable code, glitches, and long, drawn out maintenance procedures, you’ll love React.js. The ability to fix a glitch by only focusing on that component saves more time.

6. React.js is easy to learn.

Anyone can learn to use the React.js components, because it’s so user-friendly. One of the biggest React benefits is the fact that if you know Javascript, you’ll know how to use React. Even if you don’t know Javascript, you likely won’t have an issue learning the components. They are so well set up and designed that it takes very little time to understand them. The code is also very focused, so you only need to learn a little in order to do a lot.

7. React.js has a very sturdy engineering team behind it.

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While originally designed for Facebook to use in-house, the React.js library is now available to anyone who wants it. However, the engineering teams behind the design are still a big part of the program. These include teams from Facebook and Instagram, and outside developers with an expertise in the area.

When you use React.js components for your apps, you’re in expert hands. It’s also helpful to remember that some of the biggest apps in the world are using React, making it likely Facebook will support it for years to come. Netflix, Paypal, Dropbox, Khan Academy, Lyft, Reddit, Coursera, and BBC are just a handful of the many sites that are built with React.js components. As it becomes more popular, you’ll see the framework on even more Fortune 500 company sites.

React.js can be expected to continue improving and building on existing factors, because of its importance around the world. It makes creating the perfect user interface that much simpler and allows you to get your product, site, or app out on the market faster than ever. Are you ready to get started with developing your own app today? Join UXPin for free to get going.

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