Showing the hidden treasures of UXPin 2.0 – LIVE!

Our CEO, Marcin Treder will be talking live on YouTube on October 24 and showing you his favorite little usability and performance improvements we’ve released in the past few weeks. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified when the time comes!

Just so you know, we’re planning a re-launch of our app this November. It’s called UXPin 2.0 because not only the tool itself is changing, but our approach to product development is somewhat new. Or to be honest, back to where we started.

We’ve decided to forget the competitive race, stop hustling over new big features for a while, and focus on the UX. You can read the detailed UXPin 2.0 release note on our blog.

Because our CEO, Marcin Treder, is a designer too and he uses the UXPin app to design stuff on a daily basis, obviously he’s got his own top improvements from our roadmap that he has been eager to check out. He’s already shared his story behind the UXPin 2.0 idea on Medium. However, the latest product changes are all about the user experience and thus, some of them are very subtle. So now it’s “show, don’t tell” time!

Make sure you didn’t miss anything – watch Marcin sharing the highlights live on October 24!

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