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UXPin Changelog July 2018 #10

Paweł Wakuła
By Paweł Wakuła on 2nd August, 2018

In July, we’ve added a few features that allow building better high fidelity prototypes: new curve types for pen tool, loop for interactions, flipping elements. Also, we’ve released some enhancements to the UXPin Editor to improve the workflow. Details below.

Editor and Preview

  • [New] Asymmetric and disjointed curve types for pen tool.   Pen Tool Points with UXPin
  • [New] Possibility to switch elements height/width from the properties panel. Switch alt
  • [New] Possibility to flip elements horizontally/vertically. Flipping elements with UXPin
  • [New] Possibility to loop interactions.Looping interactions
  • [Improved] Updated icons for common elements on the layers list.layers list common elements
  • [Improved] Improved performance when dragging layers on the layers list.
  • [Improved] Elements added with shortcuts are placed so that their top left corner matches the cursor position.
  • [Improved] Moved distribute controls to alignment sections.
  • [Improved] Moved front/back controls to the top bar.
  • [Improved] More coherent shadows for all elements.

Desktop App 1.1.2

  • [New] More actions in the top bar menu.
  • Small bug fixes and visual improvements.

If you’re interested what we released in June, please check out Changelog 2018 #9.

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