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UXPin Changelog 2017: Week 02

Krzysztof Stryjewski
Krzysztof Stryjewski

The UXPin changelog is your weekly source of product updates and sneak peeks for upcoming releases.

In the second week of 2017, there are four highlights we’d like you share with you:
1. Sketch Integration: Easier way to export artboards
2. Enterprise UX Virtual Summit 2017: Biggest online UX conference. And it’s free.
3. New UI library: Version 4.7 of Font Awesome Icons includes 550+ new icons.
4. Math Operations:
Design is easier when it’s precise.

1. Sketch Integration:

Our latest update to the Sketch plugin lets you export all of your Sketch artboards to UXPin with a single click. Learn more about Sketch integration with this tutorial.

2. Enterprise UX Virtual Summit 2017:

This summit is the first online event of its size and scale. Its topics will focus on challenges that senior practitioners and UX leaders face. Every session draws from real case studies — no fluff allowed.

You’ll get actionable advice from 15 live webinars and network with thousands of peers in the Slack lobby. Join for free from anywhere in the world.

3. New UI elements: Font Awesome icons

In response to many user requests, we’ve added over 550 new Font Awesome Icons in version 4.7.

4. Math operations

Math operations will make it easier for you to change and adapt elements’ dimensions or placement with possibility of multiplying, dividing and adding or subtracting values.

Next week’s updates:

1. Revised snapping to both grid and canvas edges.
2. Zoom improvements.

Previous updates:
2017 week 01.

Stay tuned!
— Chris

Krzysztof Stryjewski

by Krzysztof Stryjewski

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