2021 Wrap-Up & New Year’s Announcements at UXPin

2021 Wrap Up

What will you remember about 2021? It was definitely an intense year for us at UXPin. We had a couple of exciting product updates, webinars, and articles. Let’s go through a few highlights of 2021 and see what is coming up next in the prototyping world.

Now it’s a good time to test UXPin and see how code-based prototyping streamlines your developer handoff, improves collaboration within product teams, and improves UX test quality. Sign up for a free trial and explore all the features.

The debate, “Should designers code?”, seemed to be unresolvable until technology like UXPin Merge appeared. Now, designers don’t need coding skills to leverage a code-based approach to design. They just need Merge.

UXPin Merge allows designers to use code components to design interactive prototypes. You can import coded components from Git and Storybook and use them to create prototypes in UXPin Merge.

What do you get when using Merge?

UXPin Merge is available upon request. 2022 will bring us even more exciting Merge-related news, so stay tuned. Request access to Merge right now.

Auto Layout is here

One of the greatest features of 2021 was UXPin’s Auto Layout feature. Now it takes you just a few seconds to adjust the size, placement and distribution of multiple elements at once. No need for adjusting them one by one, Auto Layout does it automatically.

Read more about it: Bringing Auto Layout to UXPin

UXPin’s Blog Highlights

Product news wasn’t the only thing that is worth mentioning here. 2021 was full of interesting content pieces. We’re close to publishing our thousandth article in the studio. That’s a lot, isn’t it? Let’s feature some of them, shall we?

Read Top 3 Articles

Recent Highlights on the Blog

  • ROI of DesignOps: All You Need to Know About Quantifying DesignOps’ Impact – DesignOps is one of the hottest topics in the design world. We invited Patrizia Bertini to tell us about measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of DesignOps in an organization. Use it to show the ROI of DesignOps.
  • Top 5 Prototyping Tools – A curated list of tools you should try for your next project. In that article, we also tell you more about the differences between UXPin and the rest of them. Highly recommended.

Aside from written content, we had a few inspiring sessions in 2021. For example, the webinar with Johnson & Johnson about Interactive Design Systems. Let’s watch it now.

Upcoming Events for 2022

We’re planning a lot of new things for 2022. We set a date for a new webinar in which Carola Cassaro from Work & Co tells us more about defending your design system. She helped IKEA and other companies implement their design system. Sign up today.

What other events would you like to see on your calendar? We have a ready-to-go conference list for 2022. Scroll through it to find a conference for you: Best Design Conferences You Can’t Miss in 2022.

That’s not everything. We don’t want to spoil the fun for you, so instead of listing all of them now, sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date with the things we want to share with you.

On our watchlist

There are two YouTube reviews of UXPin that we would like to feature here. Jesse Showalter reviewed UXPin’s advanced features that you may be interested in.

Ania Kubów, on the other hand, reviewed UXPin Merge and she filmed her video from a developer’s perspective. What was her opinion of the software?


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