Your Prototype Videos Could Come With Big Benefits

The amount of online video has grown tremendously in recent years. In 2020, 239 million people viewed digital videos. Google Sites, which includes YouTube, had 205 million unique views in January 2021. 

video content in prototypes

Obviously, people enjoy video content. Many companies, however, do not add videos to their products until right before their release dates. It makes more sense to add videos to your prototypes, especially when you use a prototyping tool that works just like the final product.

When you know that your videos work well within your prototype, you can expect to reap several benefits when you release your product.

Video can increase your conversion rates

Practically any type of movement can increase conversions of landing pages. Recent landing page trends that increase conversions include adding background videos, intro videos, autoplay videos, and animated videos. Even animated page elements could give your conversation rate a boost.

Marketer extraordinaire Neil Patel says that viewers are 64 to 85 percent more likely to purchase products after they watch videos. Higher conversion rates make sense when you consider that video can:

  • Demonstrate a product’s use.
  • Show consumers how to use a product.
  • Grab a viewer’s attention to keep them interested for longer than text or static images.
  • Include compelling messages that pique the viewer’s interest.
  • Add to a brand’s personality.

A video can only increase conversions when it works well, though. By including video in your prototype, you can test every feature before releasing it to the world. 

Can viewers interact with the video? Do embedded buttons work? Can people enlarge and shrink the video? You can only answer these questions through testing. That either happens in the prototyping phase or right before you release your product. Testing the prototype will give you more opportunities to optimize performance and avoid unexpected delays.

Video improves user engagement

Video does more than convert website and app users. Videos can also double user engagement.

Improving user engagement, of course, often leads to more sales. Not all digital products make money through sales, though. By adding video to your app or website, you can keep people looking at the screen longer. That often means increased advertising revenue, better brand authority, and future willingness to interact with content.

Videos can boost your search engine ranking

Adding video content to a web page can improve your search engine ranking over time. When you increase engagement, keep people on your pages longer, and attract more visitors, search engines notice and reward you with higher rankings. 

video cotnent improves ranking

Video content can also appear directly on a search engine results page. When your video appears on the list of results, internet users are likely to watch it because it involves fewer steps than navigating to a website and reading text. People want to access the information they need as easily as possible. When you give them a simple way to watch a video, you will get their attention and earn their clicks.

Adding video to your prototypes

UXPin makes it easy for you to add videos to your designs. You can add video files saved on your computer or network. You can also add videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Accepted video files include:

  • MP4
  • Ogg
  • WebM

It’s great to preview your design with the added video before the product launch – just to show your team, stakeholders and developers how the final product should look and feel. Especially when you want to make the most of your design system, you can add approved videos there and add it to your design. 

Start making realistic prototypes with UXPin 

Videos in your products can improve conversations, engagement, and search engine positioning whereas adding them to prototypes can help you check that your product will work as planned thanks to testing that in a prototype. Don’t wait to implement your videos just before the launch, make sure you get them ready in your prototyping phase!

Get started with UXPin today to learn more about the benefits of creating prototypes that look so real!

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