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YouTube is often the go-to for product design tutorials, career advice, design tips, design tools, and more. We’ve put together our favorite product design YouTube channels and influencers to inspire your next project.

We’ve selected the best YouTube channels featuring product design and product development content from some of the Internet’s most creative people.

One of our favorite YouTube channels is Jesse Showalter. Jesse has done a couple of UXPin product reviews, including a basic overview and a walkthrough of our advanced features. Sign up for a free trial and follow along as Jesse takes you through UXPin.

Top Product Design Influencers

These product design influencers offer practical advice and helpful design tips to enhance your design skills. Whether you’re just starting as a designer or a seasoned pro looking for advanced techniques, these product design YouTube channels offer excellent content for designers.

1. Flux (AKA Ran Segall)


Flux is the personal vlog of a designer Ran Segall who documents his learnings of web design and entrepreneurship. Ran is extremely charismatic and knowledgable which makes him an amazing person to follow. Besides posting YouTube videos, he has a very energetic Instagram account where he publishes a bite-sized content for anyone interested in UX and UI design, as well as growing a digital business.

Here are links to follow Ran Segall:

2. Sharon Oniyine

One of the Best design influencers in 2022

Sharon Onyinye is a UI/UX designer with over five years of experience working in tech. Sharon uses her YouTube channel to share her expertise with aspiring UX designers, including how to get a design job, portfolio/CV tips, and other helpful career advice.

You can also book a one-on-one with Sharon for career improvement, Interview preparation, portfolio, resume reviews, and general design advice.

Here are links to follow Sharon online:

3. Jesse Showalter

One of the best design influencers on YouTube

Jesse is a Product UI/UX Designer from the United States. He shares high-quality digital design and web development content on his YouTube channel

What we love most about Jesse is his consistency–posting new videos every week to keep his followers up to date with the latest design tools, products, brand identity, and trends. Jesse also offers live streams with web design challenges, Q&As, design-alongs, and more.

Here are links to follow Jesse online:

4. DesignCourse – Gary Simon

Top product design influencers on YouTube

Gary Simon is a UX/UI Designer, Graphic Designer, and Full Stack Developer from the United States. He’s been posting vlogs to his YouTube channel since 2010 and amassed just shy of a million followers.

Gary has over 100 design and development courses on Envato Network’s,,, LinkedIn Learning & He also founded DesignCourse, which offers interactive design courses and a mentoring program.

Gary’s YouTube channel playlists include product reviews, typography & color tips, design/development tutorials, free courses, and much more. He also teaches his followers how to get the most out of design tools and front-end frameworks.

Here are links to follow Gary online:

5. Sarah Doody

Follow one of the best design influencers Sarah

Sarah Doody is a User Experience Designer and Researcher from Salt Lake City, Utah, with over 18 years of experience. She founded the Career Strategy Lab, “a UX career accelerator that helps UX professionals get hired without applying to hundreds of roles.”

Sarah’s YouTube channel offers practical tips and strategies for aspiring UX designers with career advice, portfolio reviews, and user research tips and tricks.

Here are links to follow Sarah online:

6. AJ&Smart

AJ&Smart are design influencers on YouTube

AJ&Smart is a Berlin-based Product Design Studio that also runs a successful YouTube channel with over 200k followers. The studio posts new vlogs regularly, hosted by different members of the AJ&Smart team.

AJ&Smart’s content focuses on UX/UI design, design sprints, design thinking, and research to help designers build better products. Other video topics include career advice, how to land clients, and tips for design teams.

AJ&Smart founded Workshopper, a platform offering free resources for UX/UI designers and product designers.

Here are links to follow AJ&Smart online:

7. Vytautas Alechnavicius

Design influencer who talks about product design

Vytautas (or Vy) Alechnavicius UX Designer, Researcher, and DesignOps Leader, originally from Denmark but living and working in the United Kingdom.

Vy works full time as a Product Design Manager at Tesco while running a successful YouTube channel about user research and design. He creates a lot of content around UX design processes and methods, with loads of valuable design thinking tips.

Vy’s Discord channel, Design Squad: UX Community, has almost 3,000 active members where designers and product strategists share knowledge and offer helpful advice.

Here are links to Vytautas’s website and social media:

8. Kim Tang

Best design influencer kim tang youtube

Kim Tang is a UX/Product Designer from the United Kingdom. Kim isn’t as established as the other design influencers featured in this article but shares interesting insights into her life as a product designer at eCommerce giant ASOS.

Kim now works as a product designer at FARETCH, a group of luxury fashion brands, including Browns, Stadium Goods, and New Guards Group.

Here are links to Kim’s social media:

Product Development Influencers

If you’re looking to develop your skills as a product developer, these four influencers offer excellent coding tutorials, tips, and advice.

1. CleverProgrammer

clever programmer is a top influencer for product design and development

CleverProgrammer, aka Rafeh Qazi, is a Los Angeles-based Full-Stack Developer and Software Programmer with over a million YouTube subscribers.

Rafeh’s YouTube popularity is due to his comprehensive video tutorials, several of which are over seven hours long with more than 2 million views each.

Rafeh is the founder of CleverProgrammer, which offers various coding bootcamps in Javascript, Python, front-end, and full-stack development.

Here are links to follow CleverProgrammer online:

2. Ania Kubów

Design influencer who's a developer

Polish-born, Dubai-raised, and UK-educated Ania Kubów is a software engineer sharing her knowledge and experience with aspiring developers. Her YouTube channel has over 210k subscribers, and Ania creates free content for freeCodeCamp.

Ania shares loads of fun code along projects on her YouTube channel, with playlists including games, APIs, web scrapers, clones of popular websites, React applications, and more. She also shares valuable insights into blockchain technology and how to create NFTs.

Here are links to Ania’s social media:

3. Dev Ed

product design influencer and development influencer

Not only does Dev Ed have the coolest name, but he’s also an incredibly talented web developer and designer from Romania with over 720k YouTube subscribers. His enthusiastic style and ability to simplify complex code concepts are what make Dev Ed so popular.

Dev Ed offers beginner coding tutorials for Javascript, Python, Node.js, React, CSS, and web development. He also has fun projects like building video games and creating exciting Javascript animations.

Here are links to follow Dev Ed online:

4. CoderOne

CoderOne is an educational channel for those of you who want top learn fundamental aspects of programming. It’s run by Islem Maboud who has an amazing gift of explaining the nuances of software development. He also teaches the audience step by step how to build something, such as food delivery app.

Here are links to follow CoderOne online:

5. Net Ninja

development and design influencers that help people understand front-end design

Net Ninja, aka Shaun Pelling, is a UK-based full-stack developer and online instructor. Shaun has four Udemy courses with over 62,000 students, and all his courses have solid 5-star scores (an incredible achievement) with thousands of positive reviews.

Through his YouTube channel, Udemy account, and website, Shaun offers courses in Node.js, Vue, React, Python, Ruby, PHP, HTML, Flutter, TypeScript, CSS, and other programming languages and technologies–“to Black-belt your coding skills.”

Here are links to follow Net Ninja online:

BONUS: Design Influencer We Would Love to Go Back on YouTube

These two design influencers have fantastic content, but they haven’t posted new videos for a while.

1. Mike Locke

One of the best design influencers who have great content on Youtube

Mike Locke is a UI/UX Designer from the United States with more than 25 years of design experience. He’s worked as a UI/UX Designer at many global organizations, including Thomson Reuters, Yahoo!, CBS, ADP, and Fox TV, where he currently works as a Lead UI/UX Designer.

Mike’s YouTube channel offers tons of practical tips on UX/UI topics, career advice, interviewing processes, and more. He’s passionate about sharing his wealth of knowledge from working with Fortune500 organizations–which is what makes his videos so unique and engaging.

Although Mike hasn’t posted for over a year, you should still explore his YouTube channel for helpful design tips and advice.

Here are links to follow Mike online:

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