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Useful Sources for Design Patterns and Wireframes Guides

Mateusz Makosiewicz
By Mateusz Makosiewicz on 27th June, 2014 Updated on 20th May, 2024

We recently explored the top web and mobile wireframe examples and pattern sources and came up with and extensive list that we think will be valuable any designer expanding the workshop. We’ve put it all together into a guide. This is an abstract from the original chapter by Chris Bank in The Guide to Wireframing.

There are main two categories:

  • 1 Importable Libraries
  • 2 Standalone Libraries

Importable libraries are templates, design patterns, and wireframe examples that could be imported to wireframing and prototyping tools. For example UX Porn by UXPin is a library that includes 150+ UI design patterns, and could be imported directly for use in UXPin. Mockups To Go is a library focuses on wireframe examples, build for Balsamiq mockup tool.

Standalone libraries, on the other hand, are just references of wireframe examples and UI patterns, like:

Some of them are built with a focus, for example, Patterntap By Zurb is a collection of specific designs and patterns of user interaction. UX Archive has a focus on flows, but no wireframes. More sites also provide countless searchable UI design patterns and wireframe examples, but not a focused library: Behance, Dribbble, Forrst By Zurb, Google Image Search, and Pinterest.

There are also sources which focus on Web only like UI Patterns. If you’re more interested in mobile-only libraries go for Pttrns, Mobile Patterns or Inspired UI.

Check out our free Guide to Wireframing for more information about useful wireframing sources out there.

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