Best Examples of Product Design

Best Examples of Product Design min

As technology continues to advance, so do human expectations. The average person spends about 10 hours a day on devices while interacting with thousands of different platforms. When coupled with the downtrend in attention spans, little room is left for products that are not designed with the user experience in mind.

In today’s article, we are going to explore a curated list focused on iconic examples of product design. Our goal is to decipher the following:

  • What makes a design accessible?
  • How can ease of use be constructed?
  • Why are some products more user-centric?

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As both an ecosystem and its individual products, Apple focuses on ensuring a diverse array of clients can enjoy its technology with ease. Apple accessibility features include adaptations for:

  • Vision. Individuals with visual impairment can go beyond bold text with a voiceover of what’s on the screen, zoom features that clarify what’s going on in the environment, and Braille integration. These features can be combined and customized with a variety of other visual adaptations that are constantly being improved. 
  • Hearing. Accommodative aspects for people with hearing impairment include subtitles on everything from videos to real-life conversations. Apple has even designed hearing devices that are intended to further highlight their auditory assisting features. 
  • Mobility. Aside from vocal navigation on their equipment, Apple also offers adaptive devices to suit various ranges of mobility. Some of them are also capable of pairing with eye-tracking software to make navigation possible without device contact.
  • Cognitive. Apple allows its users to filter their experience of the world in an accommodating way, all the way down to bothersome background noise and distractions on certain platforms.


It’s no coincidence that of all the search engines available, Google covers 90% of the global market. Aside from creating an iconic brand, Google has designed a user experience like no other. They played to the public’s attention span and susceptibility to information overload by trimming their platform down to the necessities.

Google’s clean formatting, simple search bar, and efficient algorithms have made internet searches easily obtainable without instruction. Even Google’s applications are neatly designed, both in their appearance on the search page and as a main page. When this ease-of-use design is combined with speed, an undeniably effortless experience is created.


Connection and collaboration are key when it comes to digital interactions, but not every product is designed to be shared. Discord bridged this gap in the gaming world where its ease of use has since popularized it as a mode of connection for many topics.

Discord is one of the best product designs for communication because of its functional simplicity. This platform is simple enough to navigate during gameplay, yet complex enough to be customized to a group’s specific needs. Customizations include:

  • Joining or creating a server, which can be a large public group or a small private group.
  • Creating channels within the server to ensure multiple topics can be discussed without confusion.
  • Sending direct messages and pinging individuals for quick communication.
  • Determining the format of preferred communication, verbally or through text.
  • Text, emojis, user names, and icons can also be customized to suit each player’s preference.


Variety is a valuable tool for entertainment, but it can become overwhelming when too many options are on the table. Netflix addressed the choice overload dilemma presented by the ever-growing motion picture industry through intelligent design.

A compilation of thousands of shows and movies is made both easily navigable and seemingly endless through Netflix’s recommendations. Specific titles are chosen to fit each viewer’s interests through an algorithm that considers many changing factors.

Whether viewers select a title that is recommended or one that falls outside of their normal preference, they can access that title on multiple platforms with ease. Streamed entertainment is available on gaming consoles, phones, and many other devices with the same easy-to-navigate format.

The compatibility and customizations available through Netflix’s design have created an iconic user experience in the media streaming industry.


Social media is a core source of connection, entertainment, and information. TikTok’s approach to social media created a format that has improved the user experience to a point worth emulating.

What is their design secret?

  • Full-screen media feed
  • Clear but non-obstructive options for interaction
  • Endless short-format content personalized for viewers by an algorithm
  • Accessibility options intended to foster diversity.

This curated and innovative design has boosted TikTok into a global sensation that can be navigated with a few simple swipes. With expanding accessibility options, like auto-captions and photosensitive warnings, the company’s user base can be expected to continue its growth.

With over 150 million users in America alone, TikTok stands as one of the best examples of product design.


The modern-day solution to stress-free travel planning required simplicity. This is exactly what Airbnb delivered. Booking a rental requires about 4 simple steps and can be completed on a variety of devices for travelers who are always on the go.

Renters simply check the availability of their desired lodging, click reserve, confirm, and pay in most cases. Some rentals may require a review of policies and contact with the owner before the reservation is completed. Still, either way, booking approval is very clear and concise.

With such a simplified reservation design, Airbnb’s point of sale is inviting and instills confidence in users who may be making an otherwise daunting purchase.


As businesses continue to grow on a global scale and many industries shift to a work-from-home system, virtual forms of group communication are a pillar of success. However, a platform for communication is only as effective as it is accessible. Zoom shows great awareness of this concept through its user-centered design.

Colleagues working on a project or even entire classes can be held on Zoom because it is designed to function on an intuitive level. Each individual has access to a clear set of tools allowing them to start, schedule, or join a meeting with a single click.

Once in a meeting, users are also given a set of controls that are both uncomplicated and effective for communication at any group size. These controls include:

  • The ability to mute or shut off their video
  • Viewing present participants
  • Text chat during calls
  • Screen sharing 
  • Recording the meeting
  • Reaction icons that do not disrupt the meeting.

Host-specific controls also exist and more unique customizations, like background filters, can be navigated with ease. 

The Key To Prototype Success

All seven of the companies discussed in this article have obtained a strong presence in their industries through their unique designs. But how did they come to fruition? When it comes to large-scale products like these, trial and error are important, however, prototypes are the defining factor.

Without a prototype that allows for testing, editing, and constant improvement, an ideal design cannot be created. This remains true regardless of the product’s purpose. Careful prototyping allows for user testing and helps identify issues early on.

The key to prototype success is using the right platform that allows for the creation of every alteration needed to perfect and market a design. 

Powerful Prototyping 

With the proper technology, prototyping becomes a powerful tool for businesses. Much like the companies discussed above, the prototyping process itself should be accessible, customizable, and easily navigable for the best results.

In a way, UXPin is the eighth company on this list, but its product design is ideal for creating product design. Here, products can be refined down to the smallest details and displays can be created to tell every company’s unique journey.

Using code components in the design process lets you create interactive prototypes quickly, with no coding skills. The result is efficient editing that allows for user testing and interactive stakeholder experiences.

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Best product designs ace user experience prototypes

Today’s technology users are accustomed to designs that elevate the user experience in all aspects of life. Whether it’s searching the web or renting a vacation home, excellence in the area of user-focused design defines a company’s success.

The best examples of product design focus on three main points;

  • Accessibility
  • Ease-of-use
  • Customization

All the above are best accomplished through iterations and refinements of a product design prototype. The effort associated with creating a functioning prototype can be daunting, but not with an all-encompassing tool like UXPin.

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