Top UX Design Blogs That Will Inspire You

Whether you’re an experienced UX designer or brand new to the industry, there’s always something to learn. And what better way to do that than reading free quality online design resources. Yes!

In this digital age of free information, quality UX design blogs can provide you with a lot of knowledge and help you get the lay of the land about the industry if you are willing to learn. But going through the myriad of blogs can be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

That’s why we created a list of top blogs to gain UX design knowledge from.

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1. Career Foundry

Thinking about making a career out of UX? Career Foundry’s blog is worth a visit. Anything from basic design principles, guides and tutorials to breaking down the advanced aspects of a UX design process, this blog is your one-stop resource. Be it conducting UX and user research, usability, creating user personas, low and high-fidelity wireframes, or even top-notch prototypes on paper or with the help of industry-standard design tools, you will find everything there.

Also, if you’re passionate about human-computer interaction and want to learn how to create amazing user experiences, there’s no better place than this platform to learn it all. The advice you seek comes straight from industry experts and professional designers.

2. UX Planet

UX Planet offers anything you need to start your journey in graphic design and user experience, including career advice articles among standard stuff. In addition to this, they address every level of designers with their informative blog posts. Be it for experts, regulars or even absolute beginners.

4. UXPin

What about the exact blog you’re reading right now? UXPin’s blog covers everything that involves code-based design, UX process, and shares quite a few tips and tricks about creating high-fidelity prototyping. Aside from the regular articles, UXPin has an extensive library of ebooks that will level up your design skills, one of the recent ones is about DesignOps 101.

4. The Nielsen Norman Group

The Nielsen Norman Group is a highly respected UX design firm led by Don Norman and Jakob Nielsen, two well-known figures in the industry. The Nielsen Norman Group is the leading authority on user experience, and their articles provide a lot of useful information for newbies as well as food-for-thought for advanced UX designers.

You can find a clear explanation of the topics with no beating around the bush, great details about tools and techniques in UX design, and some advanced topics like accessibility, the role of human psychology in UX design, and more.

5. Smashing Magazine

It’s one of the recognized online publications for UX/UI designers and front-end engineers. It’s committed to sharing practical articles. They share best practices, tutorials, checklist and essays that will help anyone become better at creating digital experiences for the web.

6. UX Collective

UX Collective is one of the leading publications on Medium where you can read some really good opinion pieces by UX professionals regarding strategy which might challenge your way of thinking. It’s indeed a treasure trove of UX design knowledge that will contribute to your personal growth. The whole idea behind this blog is a simple one: delivering top-notch, relevant blog pieces to their readers.

7. The UX Blog

Yes, the name may be a bit generic, yet the content is anything but. The UX Blog is a Medium publication, bringing you the latest articles on UX research, user testing, ux strategy, design thinking. They even have their own podcast. You can learn more information about the podcast on their website.

8. Stackdiary

Stackdiary is run by professional developers, engineers, and web enthusiasts who are writing from their own experience. They are publishing quality articles that make web design and development easy to grasp. They want to help you find resources you need to become excellent at UX, UI design or web development.

A few of the most important reasons to follow UX design blogs are to learn stuff on a daily basis, keep up with industry trends and updates, and along the way, find inspiration for your next project. Why? This will facilitate fresh and innovative project ideas instead of stale, average work.

On the other side, quality blog posts like guides, step-by-step processes, or tutorial videos, often gain popularity and give people that are new to UX an exact roadmap to follow, so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

UX/UI design is a field that requires innovation because user behavior is ever-evolving. You can keep track of what’s new in the UX world by reading UX blogs. By making time to do that, you can improve your own skills and know what kinds of design trends you should incorporate into your future projects and thus design digital products that will solve existing user problems.

2. Improve and Learn More about User Experience

If you want to get started in UX Design, it’s important to get familiar with the design elements and theories. The best place to start is either learning from an experienced mentor, which means taking an introductory UX design course that costs money, or reading blog posts, tons of it!

3. Find Inspiration for Your Next Project

Just like any other profession, user experience design (UX design) is constantly growing and evolving. You need to keep up with trends, learn new techniques, and find inspiration for your work. If your mental blocks are holding you back from doing great work, reading UX articles can help you clear them away.

Use UX Design Blogs’ Tips in Practice

So, here it is, our list of the 7 most popular UX design blogs. They range from beginners to experts and provide a diverse and invaluable resource for designers and developers alike. On the other hand, if you’re interested in learning how to bridge the gap between developer and design teams and the tool behind it, you can try out UXPin for a free 14-day trial and practice your skills.

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by UXPin on 28th December, 2021

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