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UXPin Changelog August 2017 #7

By UXPin on 25th August, 2017

UXPin changelog is our weekly series on all changes, improvements, and fixes we released the past week. If you’re interested in what we launched in August, check  Changelog #6 and Changelog #5.

Design Systems

  • Ability to change Design System name while creating it from scratch.
  • Adding custom pages to Design System documentation.
  • Top bar and left menu redesign.
  • Editing text styles and symbols – delete items and change names from Design Systems documentation.
  • Ability to get autogenerated specs for every UI pattern in Design System.
  • Ability to sort, rename and delete text styles and UI patterns.
  • [Performance] Extensive Design Systems (such as this one) loading time improvement.


  • [Fixed] Copy/paste groups with symbols between prototypes.
  • Deleting documentation when the symbol is removed from DS documentation.

Sketch (Plugin 4.5)

Important: Plugin update mechanism will now be handled by Sketch.

  • [Fixed] Issue with grouped symbols not being added to Design System Library.
  • [Fixed] Applying gradients to elements from Design System Library.
  • [Fixed] Adding radial and angular gradients to Design System Library.
  • [Fixed] Issue where elements with fractional dimensions were not rounded properly when exported to UXPin.

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