Web Design Inspiration – A Curated List of 6 Sites

If you’re looking for web design inspiration for your next project, then look no further. We’ve scoured the internet to find the most inspirational web design trends in 2022.

Whether you’re building your site on Webflow or using a WordPress theme, this article features several inspirational web design ideas for your new website.

6 Website Design Sources of Inspiration

1. Think Outside the Box – Wildcatter Creative Studio

Wildcatter is a US-based creative studio and production company. They’ve worked with some big names, including HBO, EA Sports, Showtime, and Intel, to name a few. The website was awarded “Site of the Day” for February 24, 2022, on Awwwards.

Wildcatter does a wonderful job of creating an immersive user experience with fun animations and page transitions, a custom pointer, oversized bold typefaces, and witty copy. This complex website design is tricky because it often results in poor performance–something Wildcatter has done well to optimize.

Key takeaway: Your website design should embody your brand and the message you want to convey. Wildcatter uses its website to showcase its creative talent and ability to tell a brand story, which they’re trying to sell.

2. Recreating an Experience – LeCrans Wellness Resort

LeCrans is a five-star Swiss Alps-based wellness resort. The website, built on WordPress, showcases the resort’s breathtakingly beautiful surroundings with immersive video and images complemented by smooth animations and elegant typography.

LeCrans’ website designers have done a fantastic job of recreating Swiss Alps luxury with a soft color palette and minimalist layout. The website’s images complement UI design elements and help tell the resort’s story.

Key takeaway: If you’re trying to sell a real-world experience, use your website’s design to give customers a taste of what it’s like to visit your event or property. LeCrans does this well by giving you a sense of peace, tranquility, and five-star luxury.

3. Web & Mobile Cohesion – Emiozaki Web

Emi Ozaki is a Tokyo-based graphic designer and illustrator. Her design portfolio includes various global media projects, including product design, advertising, magazines, and branding.

Emi’s website design uses a mobile device frame as a central focus, creating a unique layout while ensuring a cohesive and consistent user experience across all viewports.

Key takeaway: Designers must pay attention to how their web design will translate to multiple screen sizes and devices. Emi Ozaki’s creative approach to responsive design gives mobile users a familiar device OS aesthetic while creating a unique and immersive desktop experience.

4. Immersive Storytelling – L’Atelier (BNP Paribas)

French-based bank BNP Paribas website L’Atelier tells the story of Social Mobility in the Digital Age. The web design utilizes parallax scrolling and animation to tell its story.

While there is a lot of movement and animation, L’Atelier’s designers do an excellent job of making the copy and story the primary focus. They also use different fonts and typography sizing to help break up the text, create suspense, and keep users engaged.

Key takeaway: Web design plays a crucial role in telling a story. Designers must ensure that the visual design and effects don’t impact the website’s usability or distract from the content.

5. Minimalist eCommerce – Juana Skin

Juana Skin is a UAE-based therapeutic beauty brand. The website’s pastel colors, minimalist layout, and subtle animations complement the brand’s natural, “ultra-clean” skincare product range.

Designers use color to highlight the product’s primary benefits and CTAs for each page design. Juana Skin uses arrows with animations throughout the website to draw attention to important content and CTAs.

Key takeaway: Maintaining a minimalist user interface design for eCommerce websites is crucial to keep customers focused on the product. Busy layouts and poor performance can distract users resulting in poor conversion rates.

The Google Store is another excellent example of minimalist design for an eCommerce website.

6. Onboarding Optimized – Ooki

Ooki offers four crypto products for trading, borrowing, lending, and staking. Ooki’s designers use clear CTAs to quickly onboard new customers from the homepage. Clicking the header CTA “Use Ooki” takes users directly to the product, removing the signup process.

Ooki’s streamlined onboarding process lets customers view and interact with the product before signing up and using it.

Key takeaway: Removing roadblocks and giving users a taste of your product could increase signups–especially if you’re in a highly competitive and innovative space like crypto. A free trial is a good option, but it creates an extra step and means users must give up personal information.

More Website Design Inspiration

Here are some more resources to inspire your next web design project.

  • Top UX Design Blogs: A collection of industry-leading websites discussing various UX topics and design trends.
  • Design Conferences: 40+ global design conferences for 2022–both live and virtual.
  • r/web_design: A Reddit community of over 570k designers sharing knowledge and information.
  • Behance: A platform owned by Adobe where designers can post screenshots of their design work as well as find web design examples and inspiration.
  • Dribbble: A similar platform to Behance where designers showcase their work. There’s also a marketplace for themes and templates, and you can hire designers through Dribbble.
  • web dev and web design: A Discord channel with 33k members discussing web design and development topics.
  • All Things Web Development: A Discord channel where people share knowledge on programming, IT, computer science, and web design.
  • </design>: A Discord coding community specializing in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.
  • The Design Collective: A Discord web design community.
  • 10 Product Design Slack Channels: A blog post featuring ten product design channels on Slack.

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