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What’s New in August & September

Julia Haleniuk
By Julia Haleniuk on 10th October, 2019

It’s been a busy two months for us at UXPin, but we’re not slowing down at all. While working on our next improvements and features as part of UXPin 2.0, we wanted to take some time to share some just as important updates with you – precise Zoom, Layers that work better than ever, and happier snapping with overhauled Guides – just to name a few.

Introducing up to 20X faster Layers

We’ve rebuilt Layers making them up to 20X faster. Apart from being speedier, they also come with the context menu and the possibility to filter layers and setting a color for each layer. You can also expand Components like groups in the Layers panel, toggle visibility and lock each element. On top of that, we’ve added two new shortcuts for the sake of less clicking and faster workflow. You can collapse all groups at once with Alt Cmd L. And reverse the order of layers order with Alt Cmd R. This is especially useful when you want to change the order of inputs on your prototype and how they focus on pressing tab.

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Smoothly zoom in from high-level

Apart from all the improvements that we have already described in our post about the Zoom, we have extended the zoom levels from 2% to 25600% for you to zoom in smoothly from high-level.

Also, the pixel grid is now a thing. It shows at zoom levels from 800% and up and allows you to get every pixel just right. When placing or moving objects, they will snap to the grid. This prevents misaligned pixel errors when exporting elements. Last but not least, with the new shortcut, finding a selected layer just got faster! You can now center to selected elements using the Shift 3 shortcut.

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New shapes and an expandable menu

We’ve simplified the Quick Tools menu by rearranging elements and adding new ones to it. We’ve made it easier to work and find what you need faster with less clicking around. With all the frequently used Shapes in one place and ready-to-use components under Forms, using Quick Tools feel like a breeze. That also includes Libraries, such as Bootstrap and Foundation being moved to Design System Libraries under UXPin Libraries. Read more about our improved Quick Tools.

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Power Duplicate

This is your new best friend if you’re looking to save time, and we call it Power Duplicate. Select an element and hold Alt. Then, drag the blue handle in any direction duplicating the selection as many times as you need. And the best news is that it works with data filling elements with refreshed content. Find out more in our Power Duplicate tutorial.

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Happier snapping with overhauled guides

Smart guides and guides are one of those features that should be hardly noticeable as you design. That’s why we’ve totally overhauled their behavior. Smart guides are more visible and show when you move or resize elements with keyboard arrows. That way, it’s even easier to position elements exactly where you want. When it comes to guides, you can now check the distance from a selected element to a guide – just hold Alt and hover over that guide. Finally, guides now snap to elements and canvas edges.

What’s improved

  • When you move elements, distance values now show in small pink rectangles perfectly centered between elements, making them more visible than before.
  • You can now remove guides on both axes, x and y.
  • The default icon is now the cog icon. Also, the icons section remembers the recently selected icon library.
  • Selecting layers in the Layers panel with Shift pressed selects all layers in between.
  • We simplified the look of the Typography section in the Properties Panel. Additional options are now available after you open More Options.

What’s fixed


  • Fixed a bug where you could see rulers when zooming in/out.
  • Polygon looked weird when you changed the number of vertices at a higher zoom level.
  • Guides created on a zoom level other than 100% displayed the wrong positions.


  • The Canvas would move to a random place when you zoomed out.
  • The Canvas would disappear when you used the Fit All shortcut to see your entire design.


  • Pressing Delete in a button inside a Component broke the Component. When you pressed Space you could also see the cursor to jump and skip letters.
  • Fixed a bug where you could drag and drop images while editing Component Instances.
  • The breakpoints bar was visible when you edited the Master Component.

Properties Panel

  • Clicking through the padding and radius inputs would crash the Properties Panel.
  • You couldn’t use TAB to move to the height input after changing the value in the width input (with lock enabled).


  • Nested states changed calculations – should result in 100% consistency in state changes between editor and preview.


  • Ungrouping elements removed interaction indicators.


  • Moving a prototype between projects sometimes removed all iterations.
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