2022 Wrap-Up – A Compilation of Must-Read Articles, eBooks, and Webinars

2022 Wrap Up

This year was full of exciting projects. Our content revolved around design systems, design operations, and design itself! We released an eBook, organized a virtual conference, and released a few features that let the design community experience component-driven prototyping.

Want to try it yourself? Beyond being an all-round advanced prototyping software, UXPin allows designers to build fully functional and interactive prototypes with component libraries imported from Git, Storybook or npm packages. See how it solves design challenges for teams, such as PayPal, Lumen, and more. Explore UXPin Merge.

Reach a new level of prototyping

Design with interactive components coming from your team’s design system.

The Most Engaging Webinar in 2022

We couldn’t have wished for more interesting speakers this year. Carola Cassaro talked about building and advocating for IKEA’s design system. Dave Malouf taught us how design teams can improve operations of the whole organization.

Amber Jabeen made us realize that the design system is more than a collection of reusable patterns and needs to be treated like a product. Her presentation should be bookmarked by anyone who needs to sell the idea of selling the business case for a design system. You can watch it on our YouTube channel where we put the recordings of most webinars.

Top 3 Product Releases

In 2022, we celebrated a few product releases to make interactive prototyping and cross-team collaboration easy.

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Here are three of them.

  • npm integration – enjoy the easiest way of bringing UI components to UXPin; you import npm components and build production-ready prototypes without dev’s support. Check what the integration is about.
  • Figma copy & paste plugin – import Figma designs to UXPin with our new Figma plugin; keep using the two design tools in unison and streamline your interactive design process. Follow the tutorial.
  • MUI built-in library – build prototypes with MUI components that are interactive by default. Experience fully functional prototyping that requires no code and technical skills. Assemble your first prototype today with MUI.

As Yuga Koda, our CEO, said during our Design Value Conference, UXPin aims at bridging the gap between design and development by giving designers the tools they need to build prototypes that developers can easily translate into code.

3 Most-Read Articles on Product Design

Based on the feedback, we chose three articles that seemed to be the most important ones this year.

  • Top 8 Design System Examples – this article dives into eight design systems used by the most design-driven organizations. Learn more about each of them.
  • Design Consistency Best Practices – some designers see consistency as constraint, others claim that it helps them be more creative. Decide for yourself after reading our article.
  • What is Component-Driven Prototyping? – this approach to prototyping can help teams work more efficiently. Discover what it is and see if it can help your team.

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Two eBooks to Add to Your Reading List

Those of you who like to read about organizing design teams, setting up team rituals, and improving collaboration, we have something for you.

Apart from writing an introduction to Design Operations, we released another eBook on the field. It was about DesignOps’ First Pillar – How We Work Together. Read both of them:

  • DesignOps 101 – Read the eBook composed of six chapters; discover DesignOps essentials, full of advice on the field that’s coming from leading design operations expert from top enterprises.
  • DesignOps 1st Pillar – Get a deeper insight into design operations by exploring its first pillar and learning about hiring, onboarding and leading a stellar design team.

Happy 2023!

Next year will be full of exciting projects at UXPin. As for this blog, we will continue writing about product design, sharing best practices of creating, maintaining, and scaling work, useful tools, and design hacks for you.

Looking for a tool that will help you bridge the gap between design and development? Try our Merge technology that allows you to bring interactive components from Git repo, Storybook or npm package to UXPin. Move beyond image-based design and create prototypes with UI components from your design library Read more about UXPin Merge.

by UXPin on 29th December, 2022

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