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  • Boolean operations

    by Paweł Wakuła

    Boolean operations allow combining any set of basic shapes to create more complex ones. The best part – the individual shapes are still editable. Creating beautiful icons is going to be so much easier now! Learn more

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  • Arrows improvements

    by Paweł Wakuła

    We’ve added 10 different types of endpoints for a path so you can get creative with the arrows. Additionally, you can set the shape of ends and joins for any path, and decide whether a path should be solid, dashed or dotted with precise control of each dash and gap length. Learn more.

  • New context menu top bar in the editor

    by Paweł Wakuła

    Now you can group and ungroup your elements, turn them into symbols and open the interactions panel quickly. Also, we’ve released a few improvements: Press cmd/ctrl while dragging selects only elements entirely in selection bounds. Press cmd/ctrl while clicking to instantly pick an element inside a group or symbol. Locked element are selectable from the

  • Blending modes

    by Paweł Wakuła

    Remember the cool duo-tone effects used by Spotify in their branding? Now you can achieve such results in UXPin as well! We’ve just released the blending modes to help you determine how two layers are interacting with each other. Learn more.

  • Redesigned properties panel

    by Paweł Wakuła

    Today we’ve released a redesign of the properties panel. The updated version is split into separate styling sections to simplify it visually. We also made it more coherent with other design tools to improve the learning experience. Learn more about it in this tutorial.

  • Desktop App 1.1 released

    by Paweł Wakuła

    We’ve added some requested improvements within this release, such as an option to copy a preview link from the top menu (Windows/Copy Link to Preview), and ability to manage application windows from the dock/taskbar. Download Desktop App for Mac or Windows. View the tutorial.

  • Desktop App

    by Paweł Wakuła

    Today we’ve released our brand new desktop application! It has all the tools you know and love from the original browser version. Download here for Mac or Windows. Learn more about it in this tutorial.

  • Pen Tool

    by Paweł Wakuła

    Use Pen Tool to draw shapes and icons directly in UXPin. Any drawn element can be viewed in spec mode and downloaded as an SVG. Check the tutorial

  • Design system tokens

    by Tomasz Iwaniak

    Design systems are now accessible with their documentation in JSON. Additionally, you can access design tokens (color and typography styles) in multiple formats such as YAML, CSS, SCSS, LESS or STYLUS. This option is available in design system’s settings under “Tokens” tab.

  • Visual changes in the Editor

    by Paweł Wakuła

    Today, we’ve released the following visual changes in the Editor. Topbar: Added the Hamburger menu in the top left corner. Moved Preview mode to the right (marked with Play icon). Moved Zoom settings to the bottom left corner. Added prototype name and active page. Left panel: Bottom left corner menu (Log out, Integrations, Shortcuts, Help&Tutorial,


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