• UXPin on YouTube

    by UXPin

    UXPin 2.0 initiative is in full swing and we thought it’s a good time our CEO spoke about the process. That’s why we decided to host a live webinar with Marcin Treder on YouTube to discover what he found most exciting about our road so far. You can watch the video in full below: UXPin’s

  • How to Design Your Website for Higher Conversions

    by Sam Makad

      “Design adds value faster than it adds costs.”  – Joel Spolsky, creator of Trello In the digital age, a business website is no less than a storefront. And just like their brick-and-mortar counterparts, they are bound to the dominion of aesthetics. It takes merely 50 milliseconds for users today to form an opinion about your

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    • Why using a UI Kit in UXPin will make your life easier

      by UXPin
        UI kit libraries in UXPin

        When designing apps or websites the quality of the final product very often depends on the tools at your disposal. Using available resources with a comprehensive design tool will make your life easier. That is our goal here at UXPin. We strive to deliver the best product we can to make your workflow as streamlined

      • Showing the hidden treasures of UXPin 2.0 – LIVE!

        by UXPin
        UXPin 2.0 - Live webinar with Marcin Treder

        Our CEO, Marcin Treder will be talking live on YouTube on October 24 and showing you his favorite little usability and performance improvements we’ve released in the past few weeks. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified when the time comes! Just so you know, we’re planning a re-launch of our app this November.

      • What’s New in August & September

        by Julia Haleniuk

        It’s been a busy two months for us at UXPin, but we’re not slowing down at all. While working on our next improvements and features as part of UXPin 2.0, we wanted to take some time to share some just as important updates with you – precise Zoom, Layers that work better than ever, and

      • How to use the data to improve UX?

        by Arailym Seiitkhanova
          How to use data UXPin blog header

          Should designers count on their intuition and guesses? Not today! UX works differently now, users’ feedback and data on their behavior are key components of successful UX design. In a world of full-scale analytical tools, data can guide designers to make optimal decisions.  However, people are missing this opportunity because of misconceptions about data-driven UX.

        • The Strikingly Precise Zoom

          by Julia Haleniuk
          Zoom possibilities in UXPin

          When you work in one tool every day, little things can impact your workflow a lot. “Only making the overall UI creation process smooth and painless is what kept us successful so far. This is what our loyal clients care for”, that’s what our CEO, Marcin Treder wrote in his recent article Where’s Your UX

        • 13 ways to make your UI writing better

          by Kristin Wendys
          13 reasons why your UX writing could be better

          Building trust with the help of writing and making your UI more intuitive is very possible. There are some things you should avoid and others that you must follow. Here’s how to make your UI more intuitive with your writing. 1. Avoid Using Jargons and Specific Terms Not all of your users know what those

        • How Netsmart builds healthcare technology using UXPin – case study

          by Katarzyna Kempa
          UXPin design tool case study - Netsmart healthcare

          Health technology is developing fast. The times when people would frantically boil water and shred sheets when someone needed medical help are, luckily, coming to an end. With Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman forever in our hearts, we’ve welcomed the times of online medical support platforms, heartbeat monitors, earlier diagnosis, less invasive treatment options, patient portals,

        • New Layers in UXPin – as fast as they come

          by UXPin
          UXPin improved layers performance update

          Staying in line with our UXPin 2.0 initiative our dev team is heavily focusing on delivering a better user experience to all UXPin users. One thing we decided to look through and improve is speed – and our New Layers exemplify this perfectly. The code behind Layers has been rewritten to ensure that whatever the


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