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Founded in 1999, CHECK24 is a leading German shop­ping comparison site. Their mission is to provide consum­ers with greater transparency when they choose major life investments, such as mortgages and insurance.

Today, the award-winning CHECK24 has more than 700 employees. They’ve helped consumers broker more than 15 million contracts with leading insurance companies, banks, energy companies, telecommunications and travel agencies.

Photo Credit: Check24

With such a large and active portfolio of partners, speed is of the essence for CHECK24’s product team. The time to market for new offers needs to be lightening fast--but also accurate and easy to understand. For Ingrid Brummer, a product manager for the travel sector, this means being able to move from product idea to web property quickly. And as a non-designer, the challenge has always been turning her “scribbles” [i.e. sketches] into prototypes.

Ingrid Brummer

“I used to use Balsamiq to do my designs but the process was hard and not easily integrated into our overall user experience,” Brummer said.

“We needed a more intuitive way to move from design to product. And that is why we turned to UXPin.”

Ingrid Brummer, Product Manager, CHECK24

Simplifying the Process, Speeding ROI

UXPin is a platform created by designers for non-designers and designers alike. UXPin makes wireframing and prototyping accessible to everyone involved in the design process, meaning there is no more wasted translation time moving from a product manager’s thoughts to a designer’s vision. As a result, the user experience--arguably the pivotal piece in today’s e-driven marketplace--can be created quickly and integrated into product development from the very first step.

UXPin Design Platform
UXPin — Design Platform

“It was so simple to get started on UXPin,” Brummer said.

“Now, I use it daily with my three-member team and manager. I really appreciate that with UXPin I — as a non designer — am able to produce really exact designs. I don’t have to ‘scribble’ my ideas. I can really bring them from my mind ‘on the screen’.”

Productivity (in %)604020060%
Skipping the scribbling phase has resulted in a 60 percent increase in productivity.

Brummer reports that skipping the scribbling phase has resulted in a60 percent increase in productivity. With product management fully integrated with design, CHECK24 is able to shave hours and hours from iteration and meeting time, moving right into wireframing and prototyping.

“I feel more involved in the design process than ever before,” Brummer said. “I’m no longer a roadblock but a vital part of the team. I love the easy handling picture upload capabilities, and especially the preview link that I can easily email to my boss. Our process visibility has doubled and our time to market has been halved.”

Photo Credit: Check24

More Collaboration = Endless Possibilities

Brummer said that results have been so strong for CHECK24 that they will expand its use, moving into responsive design features they have yet to tap. Given their streamlined collaboration process, Brummer’s team now has the bandwidth to focus on making the user experience better than ever rather than worrying about meeting deadlines.

A central, collaborative and secure platform

“The possibilities with UXPin are endless,” Brummer said. “I highly recommend it to anyone, designer and non-designer alike. Using UXPin has brought measurable ROI to our company. It is simple to implement and its power is unmatched.”

Ingrid Brummer, Product Manager, CHECK24

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