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Why your UX team sucks?

Marcin Treder
By Marcin Treder on 13th January, 2011 Updated on 5th July, 2019

So you’re either part of User Experience team or have invested in creating one and you’re not happy with the results. What’s going on? What are the main reasons?

Remember: Usually your team isn’t a group of lemmings. They just got temporarily lost.

1. They don’t work together (And by together I don’t mean in the same office). Encourage collaboration. Run paper prototyping team session.

2. They fight with other teams instead of sharing knowledge. Teach them to communicate.

3. They forgot that talking about merits of usability testing isn’t the same as doing usability testing. Get hands dirty.

4. They rush to prototype. User Experience team’s job is NOT about merely creating prototypes. It’s about creating stunning experience for people who will use your product. First: elaborate honestly on the idea. Second: prototype. Third: test. Repeat.

5. They’re not reading enough. Yes. Reading a lot of UX-related books, articles and reports is a part of the job. Why? It refreshes your passion and inspires you.

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