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  • How Netsmart builds healthcare technology using UXPin – case study

    by Katarzyna Kempa
    UXPin design tool case study - Netsmart healthcare

    Health technology is developing fast. The times when people would frantically boil water and shred sheets when someone needed medical help are, luckily, coming to an end. With Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman forever in our hearts, we’ve welcomed the times of online medical support platforms, heartbeat monitors, earlier diagnosis, less invasive treatment options, patient portals,

  • New Layers in UXPin – as fast as they come

    by UXPin
    UXPin improved layers performance update

    Staying in line with our UXPin 2.0 initiative our dev team is heavily focusing on delivering a better user experience to all UXPin users. One thing we decided to look through and improve is speed – and our New Layers exemplify this perfectly. The code behind Layers has been rewritten to ensure that whatever the

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  • The UX of a smart home

    by UXPin
    UXPin - a smart home UX

    History of IoT Devices The Internet of Things (IoT) can be defined as “the concept of connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other).” Nowadays we are seeing IoT devices in the form of headphones, speakers, thermostats, light bulbs and more, but this has been a long

  • 6 Benefits of Diagramming your Prototype

    by Vinati Kamani

      Yet again, mobile apps expand and capture a little more of the digital space. This time it’s about product prototyping. Apps account for 88% of the time spent on mobile phones. Designing and developing a mobile app for your business consists of a number of steps, of course. However, the most important and possibly most

    • 3 Psychology Principles Web Designers Must Know

      by Leona Henryson
      3 psychology principles

      When you look around you what do you see? Everywhere you turn people are quite literally immersed in the digital world via their smartphones, iPads, and laptops. This isn’t something that happened by accident. In fact, there’s rather a lot of cutting edge psychology paired up with all the tech stuff that makes it happen.

    • What’s New in July

      by Julia Haleniuk

      We’ve got some really exciting updates to share with you! From welcoming Components, to the new text, and an array of awesome improvements to the editor, this surely was a busy and exciting month for us. Read on! Hello Components! We’ve had a lot of requests for this one, in July we said so long

    • UXPin Merge Friday

      by UXPin
      UXPin Merge - Merge Friday marathon and event

      On July 12, at the UXPin HQ in Gdańsk, we celebrated an event that surpassed all expectations. And by that, we mean that everyone at the company got involved and we are all more than aboard for what our future is about – Merge. Everyone at the company got to test Merge for a couple

    • What’s New in June

      by Julia Haleniuk

      Over the last month, we’ve smashed a pretty decent amount of bugs and made some more performance improvements based on customer feedback. Then, we relaunched our Product Tribes community. And yes, we released the Sketch import, which is something that we have been working on for a long, long time! Here’s a round-up of what


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