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Improved Guides, Pencil Tool, and Adding Images in Bulk

Julia Haleniuk
By Julia Haleniuk on 7th November, 2019

While constantly working on more improvements, we wanted to take some time to share with you some other exciting product updates that are taking place. Upgrades to Guides, the Pencil Tool, and adding images in bulk are what has been shipped this time.

Guides just got smarter

Smart guides and guides are one of those features that should be barely noticeable if they work properly. So we’ve decided to make them smarter with this update! You can now remove all guides at once or choose to remove only the horizontal or vertical guides. Just right-click anywhere on the canvas and select one of the options from the context menu. So you’ve got more time to spend on things that actually matter! Read more on Docs.

Better still, you can also check the distance from a selected element to a guide. Just hold Alt and hover over that guide. Plus, guides now snap to elements and canvas edges!

Now a word on smart guides. Often when you want to be more precise, you’ll use keyboard arrows to move elements. From now on, smart guides also show when you move or resize elements with keyboard arrows. Find out more about it on Docs.

Add images in bulk

You can now add multiple images at once and choose exactly where you want to place each of them. Click anywhere on the canvas to add an image with its original size or click-and-drag to define the size. If you selected more images, you will also see how many images you have left to place on the canvas. See exactly how it works on Docs.

Draw any shape with the Pencil Tool

With the recently introduced Pencil Tool, drawing shapes and quickly sketching ideas feels like a breeze. You can draw any shapes freehand and it’s great for quickly sketching and jotting down rough ideas. Then, fine-tune them the way you want. Plus, everything gets magically smoothed out once you’re done drawing as UXPin simplifies the path. Read the tutorial on Docs to find out more.

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