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Stakeholders Can Now Request Changes Before Their Final Approval

Ben Gremillion
Ben Gremillion

Sometimes improving UXPin means helpful new features. Other times is calls for performance improvements under the hood. We’re pleased to say that recently, users started benefiting from both.

Design teams can hold stakeholders accountable for final approvals with a new feature in UXPin. But sometimes they want to leave their thoughts before giving a stamp of approval — or disapproval.

As of today, Enterprise UXPin users can comment on a design and ask for changes or make suggestions before giving their final OK. This lets them contribute to the conversation beyond a binary “yes/no” note, helping teams get closer to a design everyone can rally around.

Comments for a rejected design

In other news, UXPin’s preview feature got a minor speed boost thanks to some innovative development.

  • Spare cache: APIs are a key method to transferring data to and from UXPin’s servers. Often, that’s the same data repeatedly. We started storing frequently-used information locally, reducing latency overall. The result? Faster page loads — up to twice as quick in certain circumstances.
  • Anticipation: Caching had another benefit: UXPin can now pre-load pages in users’ browsers, making transitions between views snappier than ever.
  • Sub-standard memory: We discovered that our PubSub servers, which receive information from users’ browsers, were resetting as their memory filled up. A few tweaks raised the limit while lowering the memory requirements, resulting in fewer resets per hour.

Sometimes noticeable new features improve user experience. Sometimes the changes are more subtle. We work on both every week to improve performance so design teams can focus on their work.

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Ben Gremillion

by Ben Gremillion

Ben Gremillion is a Content Strategist at UXPin. He’s worked as both a web designer and a back-end developer. On the side he builds and maintains a CMS for webcomic artists, and participates in annual NaNoWriMo challenges.

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