• How Design Systems Give Small Businesses a Fighting Chance

    by Matt Ellis
    1200x600 blogpost fighting chance

    At heart, design systems are all about efficiency. Streamlining tasks, removing redundancies in the process, encouraging communication and collaboration — these money- and time-saving benefits are what makes designs systems so attractive to tech startups and small businesses. How attractive? According to our 2018 UX report, 69% of 3,157 designers surveyed said they were currently

  • What’s New in March

    by Julia Haleniuk
    whats new 03

    March just like any other month brought us some meaningful improvements, various bug fixes, and an entirely new feature we couldn’t wait for — API Requests. Clearly, not as many as you saw in January and February, but that’s because we’re preparing for the big stuff in April. Here’s what we’ve managed to accomplish in

  • Still hungry for the design?

    UXPin is a product design platform used by the best designers on the planet. Let your team easily design, collaborate, and present from low-fidelity wireframes to fully-interactive prototypes.

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  • Are UI Patterns Like Cartoon Characters?

    by Rui Ramalhete
    snow white and the seven dwarfs disney

    This article was cowritten with Aniko Kocsis. Have you ever watched the movie Snow White? Did you notice she moved  exactly the same way as characters from your other favorite childhood movies? I hadn’t either. Recently, I found an article about recurring animations in cartoons. And now, I completely get it. They are much like

  • Changelog: What’s New in February | UXPin

    by Julia Haleniuk
    whats new 02

    The last day of February was the day we had marked in our calendars months in advance. Because that day we reached another milestone — UXPin Merge entered its beta phase! Apart from that, this month we’ve really gone the extra mile and brought to you numerous enhancements and fixes. UXPin Merge closed beta Last

  • 2019’s Greatest Web Design Hits – Free eBook

    by Lise Framstad
    Web Design Trends 2019 – blog image 1

    From layering with interactivity to bright colors, know the trends that will influence 2019… and beyond. Is orange the new black? How much animation is too much animation? Will 2019 be the year of Euclid? Whether you want to follow the trends or stand out in the crowd, this web design eBook will give you

  • What’s New in January

    by Julia Haleniuk
    1200x600 Artboard 2 copy 4

    We’ve definitely kicked off the new year with some great updates. As January has come to an end, we can sure tell that we’ve already taken a big step forward. This month was about two things: The UXPin Mirror app and Local Fonts in the UXPin Editor. To top it all off, our engineering team

  • The Subtle Detail That Gives A Design Its Entire Personality

    by Adam Fairhead
      1200x600 subtle detail article header

      What’s the biggest difference between your designs and a $20 template? Companies ask themselves this every time they enter the market. With the widespread advertising from website builder tools, it’s an entirely rational question to ask. What do you have that they don’t? Turns out, there’s one subtle detail that gives design its entire personality…

    • The First Built-in Accessibility Features in a Design Tool are Here

      by Maaheem Akhtar

      There’s no easy way to say this: Design tools have completely failed to deliver sufficient ways to help create accessible experiences. All of these have existed as plugins or external programs. Until now. Introducing the very first built-in Contrast Analyzer & Color Blindness Simulator in a design tool. According to WHO, over 1.3 billion people


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