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What’s New in March

Julia Haleniuk
By Julia Haleniuk on 1st April, 2019

March just like any other month brought us some meaningful improvements, various bug fixes, and an entirely new feature we couldn’t wait for — API Requests. Clearly, not as many as you saw in January and February, but that’s because we’re preparing for the big stuff in April. Here’s what we’ve managed to accomplish in a nutshell.

API Request

When you open UXPin and go to Interactions, you’ll see a new type of action — API Request. It allows your prototypes to communicate with devices in ways one could only imagine.

For example, you can use it with smart home devices, such as color-changing smart lights. You can save data from a prototype to a spreadsheet or even communicate with a car. Trust us; we’ve had fun testing it ourselves!

API request in UXPin

Performance improvements

When it comes to performance, scrolling and zooming work faster in the Editor. We have significantly shortened the loading time for interactions between states. On top of that, dragging and dropping parts of symbols got a lot faster.


  • Names of colors from the Design System show in Spec Mode.
  • You can set symbols back to their original size in the context menu and reset it in the desktop app’s Object menu.
  • We completely removed the Clone action for Symbols, as it hasn’t been frequently used and turned out to be slightly confusing. To clone a symbol, copy it and click Detach.
  • Smart guides and snapping enabled only for elements in the viewport, and they no longer appear when irrelevant.
  • We moved the shortcut cheat sheet to the right-hand panel and improved it in terms of naming and grouping.


  • Dragging and dropping an element inside more complex symbols would misplace them by 1-2 pixels.

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